From the desk of the mayor

Belle Plaine Mayor Dave Fish

Dear Citizens of Belle Plaine:


The University of Iowa ROTC will be running the Iowa-Iowa State game ball through Belle Plaine on Friday, September 13 from 10:15 to about 10:40 starting at the High School, proceeding to Longfellow School & then coming north on 8th avenue where they will go west down Main Street (wrong way) to the big Tiger-Hawk Sign at BPCDC’s office. They will be collecting food pantry items such as cereal, dry pasta, baby wipes, or canned food. (No perishable items.) All items received from Tama, Belle Plaine, Marengo, & Williamsburg will be taken back to Iowa City and then divided up equally with those donations coming back to the community food pantry. Donations can be dropped off at city hall or at both schools. We didn’t really do very well donating last year, so I hope we can do a better job this year. I think at city hall I will have the clerks divide it into a Hawkeye pile & a Cyclone pile to see which school does the best job in supporting eastern Iowa food pantries. If you don’t want to give away your favorite school just tell them it should go on the UNI pile. It doesn’t matter. It is a fun project, so stop up on Main Street and watch the ROTC in action.

Belle Plaine Mayor Dave Fish

On another note, the grass & leaf ordinance was redone at this time last year. The police have been very liberal in the enforcement of it this summer. That time period is over. Grass clippings & leaves blown into the street create serious problems for our stormwater system; it is unsafe, especially for those who ride motorcycles & bikes. Plus our street cleaner is not designed to clean up leaf problems and in some cases the volume of grass clippings that end up on the street.

(We do not own a leaf vacuum so everyone will have to take care of removing their own lawn waste.) “Violation of 3-28-13 shall be deemed to be a municipal infraction and subject to penalties as prescribed by Chapter 364.22, 2017 Code of Iowa, with the following schedule of penalties.

A. First Offense- Written Warning, B. Second Offense-$75.00 minimum fine, C. Third Offense- $100.00 minimum fine, & D. Fourth & Subsequent Offenses- $500.00 minimum fine.

On September 1st the City of Belle Plaine changed the burning hours to seven days per week from 4 to 9 pm. Because they do give you an increased number of days, please follow the time frame. Don’t go out and start all your leaves on fire at 9:00 pm. Also, note that all fires, including recreational fires, must be attended to by a responsible adult. The bottom line on this burning is to please take into consideration the health and welfare of your neighbor. If they have wash hanging out to dry, you should not be burning. If they have a breathing problem, maybe you should see if your yard waste could be hauled to the mulch pile. If we work on getting along, it will make us a better community for everyone to live in….

(If you do not like the burning code, please see your councilperson to express your concerns!)

In another area that deals with emergencies, is something I have noticed numerous times. House numbers!If you go stand in the street, see if you can easily see your house number or if you have a house number at all. I know I’ve talked about this in some of my previous newsletters. In some areas of town, we may have only one house in a block that has an easy, visible house number. If you’re the landlord, it is your responsibility to see that the property has a visible house number. This might become important some time if you need the police or an ambulance or the fire department or public works or a pizza delivered to your house.

Elections are coming up for the NW District council seat (which is currently empty), a council at large seat, & Mayor. The deadlines for nomination petitions are becoming due. (September 19) If you are thinking about running, you should start to get the paperwork done now!


In this day and age, it is better to be safe than sorry! If you notice something in your neighborhood or anywhere else in town that just does not look right, please call it in. (319-444-2323) (Obvious emergency 911) As a community, we have made the decision to have full-time police protection, so do not be afraid to use it. Our officers are on duty to protect and serve the citizens of Belle Plaine, so do not hesitate to call them into action if you see something that should have the police involved.


Congratulations to the following baseball & softball award winners from this summer:

  • Trevin Straight- 1st Team SICL Infield Dylan Fry- 1st Team SICL Outfield
  • Garrett Straight- 2nd Team SICL Pitcher Kobe Grieder- Honorable Mention
  • Jackson Tegeler-Honorable Mention
  • Dylan Fry- 1st Team SE District Outfielder -Iowa High School Baseball Coaches Association
  • Garrett Straight- 2nd team SE District Pitcher- Iowa High School Baseball Coaches Association
  • Dylan Fry- 1st Team All-State Outfielder- Iowa Print Sports Writers
  • Dylan Fry- 2nd team All-State Outfielder Iowa High School Baseball Coaches Association
  • Lilly Parrott and Shaylee Dodd- 1st Team SICL Infielders
  • Katie Cubbage – 2nd team SICL Pitcher
  • Kendra Alcott-2nd Team SICL Infielder
  • Tori Hlas and Ashton Bohlen- Honorable Mention All-SICL
  • Lilly Parrott and Shaylee Dodd – All-District (IGCA)
  • Lilly Parrott- 2nd Team All-State
  • Shaylee Dodd-3rd Team All-State
  • Shaylee Dodd – Academic All-State

Great season Belle Plaine!

As always, “Go Plainsmen.” Remember it is up to all of us to make Belle Plaine the best hometown in Iowa!

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