A brief return of the column. By Jim Magdefrau

Festival Talk

We always look forward to hooking up with Nate and friends from Palen Music, who hosts a Front Porch Stage as people walk into the festival. When not playing three chords plus one minor chord with Nate and friends, we talk music. Nate’s favorite moment from the past is watching Marty Stuart’s band cover “El Paso.” We were surrounded by music fans and members of the Bottle Rockets. When his guitarist hit the signature bending lick on the guitar that makes the song shine, eyes grew wide open and jaws dropped. A look of “wow” was on all of our faces.

Front Porch Jam Session. Musicians from four states, playing TWO minor chords.

We also talked of lessons, gauging where a student is and where the students thinks they are, and the blind spots we all have. That’s were nephew Wes’s doctorate in psychology came in handy.

We hope Nate comes back, as he is planning a move to main store in Springfield. On the bright side, they have one the largest collection of Taylors in the Midwest, and are working rooms for Martins and Fenders.

What’s important to know when playing or teaching guitar? The Dominant Seventh.

More reflections later.

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