4-H honors announced for Benton County on October 27

Benton County 4-H Awards Program Highlights

A lighting ceremony was held for the county council at the 4-H awards banquet in Van Horne on Oct. 27.

Oct. 27, 2019, at Benton Community Middle/Senior High School, Van Horne

  • Outstanding Secretary’s Book – Bruce Boosters
  • Outstanding Treasurer’s Book – Florence Hawkeyes
  • Outstanding Historian’s Book – Florence Hawkeyes
  • Most Improved Junior Member – Lauren Flush
  • Outstanding Intermediates – Breck Coffland, Clayton McKenna, Veronica Judas, Easton Patterson, Morgan Schulte, Rachel Rollinger, Stieger Manson, Grayce McClintock, Ava Mills, Owen Krug, Caleb Franck
  • Most Improved Intermediate Member – Lydia Albertsen
  • Outstanding seniors – Emma Metz, Charlee Johnson, Cody Bruner, Julia Shultis, Emma Demuth, Quintin Volesky, Emma Wiley, Anna Becker, Gabe Hanson, Macy Schanbacher, Emily Ingalls
  • Most Improved Member – Erica Judas, Christopher Fleming
  • Livestock Judging Team recognition – Jacob Ludeking, Josh Wiley, Gabe Hanson, Alex Ludeking, Stieger Manson, Ellie Karr, Clayton McKenna, Mia Brecht, Hannah Sick, Breck Coffland, Ozzie Birker, Olivia Hanson, Jill Hanson, William Kronemann, Andrew Pingenot, Sam Zhradanik, Colton Kronemann
  • State Fair, Communications – Will McKenna, Wes McKenna, Lillian Hanson, Addison Pospisil, Raynee and Trinity La Grange, Jacob Ludeking, Tyler and Courtney Chambers, Owen Siek and Julia Shultis
  • Outstanding Food & Nutrition Special Award: Leah Kaufman
  • Intermediate Farmers Savings Bank Award – Lydia Albertsen
  • Achievement Award – Machaela Ingalls
  • I Dare You – Julia Shultis
  • Leadership – Jacob Ludeking
  • Royal Tuttle – Machaela Ingalls
  • 4-H Scholarship – Shelby McDonald
  • Ak-Sar-Ben – Jacob Ludeking
  • Agriculture Award – Machaela Ingalls
  • Citizenship – Alex Ludeking
  • Honorary Member – Duane Johnson
  • Leader of the year – Robin Manson

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