Benton Supervisors – Oct. 29, 2019

October 29, 2019

The Benton County Board of Supervisors met in regular adjourned session with Supervisors Primmer, Bierschenk and Seeman present. Primmer called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. Unless otherwise noted, all actions were approved unanimously.

Benton County Courthouse

Bierschenk moved/Seeman seconded: To approve the minutes of October 22, 2019. Motion carried.

Dana Burmeister was present for continued discussion on the new transportation building plans. The Board needs to decide if they want pole vs stick built and get some rough estimates and get ready to open this project up for bids.

Jerry Petermeier, representing the Cedar Valley Ranch brought some property maintenance needs to the Board’s attention. Benton County still is the owner of the building and land where the Cedar Valley Ranch is located. Petermeier brought some photos of areas he is concerned with. The Auditor would like to do some checking with the Region if our local mental health fund balance can be used for this as part of the required spend down.

Seeman moved/Bierschenk seconded: To switch Denise Weeda’s role on the Emininent Domain from licensed real estate to replace Kristina Kremer on the property value since Kremer moved out of Benton County, and to appoint Melissa Lennie to fill Denise Weeda’s spot for licensed real estate. Motion carried.

The Engineer stated that there were four bids received for Bridge Project L-PO-5037—73-06 in Polk Township on 33rd Ave. outside of Urbana. Parizek recommended that the board award the bid to the lowest bidder. The bids were as follows:

  • Jim Schroeder Construction, Inc.-$439,911.70
  • Peterson Contractors, Inc. – $710,783.78
  • Taylor Construction, Inc. -$397,978.80
  • Iowa Bridge and Culverts-$399,908.20

Bierschenk moved/Seeman seconded: To accept low bid from Taylor Construction, Inc. New Vienna, IA for the amount of $397,978.80. Motion carried.

Seeman moved/Bierschenk seconded: To approve and publish the early public notice for WMA project MC-INV-005, environmental review. Motion carried.

Seeman moved/Bierschenk seconded: To approve and sign the Native American consultation letters for the environmental review for project MC-INV-005. Motion carried.

Auditor Rippel brought up some of the new budget requirements for cities and county. With an additional public hearing requirement this year, she would like some guidance before sending out all the department budget sheets so things can be done sooner and more efficiently this year and get ahead of things. The Board is to come up with some budgeting goals and will continue to have budget discussions at the upcoming meetings.

Bierschenk moved/Seeman seconded: To adjourn. Motion carried.

Rick Primmer, Chairman

ATTEST: Hayley Rippel, Benton County Auditor

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