Belle Plaine Council met November 20

Belle Plaine City Hall

Belle Plaine, Iowa

November 20, 2019

The Belle Plaine City Council met on November 20, 2019, at 6:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers with Mayor Dave Fish presiding. Present: Judy Schlesselman, Mary Pech, Mark Tegeler, Mitch Malcolm and Garrett Landuyt. Also present was City Clerk Jacki McDermott, City Administrator Steve Beck, and Assistant City Attorney Gage Kensler.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Motion by Schlesselman, to approve the Consent agenda, the Council Minutes of November 6, 2019, and bills received, second was by Malcolm. On roll call, Malcolm, Tegeler, Schlesselman and Pech all voted aye. Motion carried.

Residents Comments: None.

Newly elected council members Garrett Landuyt and Mary Pech and Mayor Dave Fish were sworn in.

Morgan Mitchell from Belle Plaine Community Development gave a report about recent activities. Trunk or Treat in Belle Plaine was held on October 27th with a pumpkin decorating contest, costume contest, best decorated trunk and a picture opportunity with Your Memories Photography by Abbi Garling. Over 550 children were served with Trunk or Treat. The Halloween Parade downtown for Pre-K to 2nd grade was held on October 31st.

Morgan also attended the Benton Development Group meeting in Vinton on November 6th, the Veteran’s Day Program at the High School on November 12th and the Thanksgiving Lunch at Senior Dining on November 13th. She made business visits to Belle Plaine Hardware and Drahn Insurance. Looking ahead to next summer, Tyler Richton and the High Bank Boys are booked for the 3rd of July entertainment downtown and Precision Sheet Metal is working on car show trophies.

Holiday Homecoming will be held on November 30th with a Festival of Trees, a soup supper and Santa’s workshop. There will be a lighted parade and lighting of the city tree again this year. BPCDC will hand out totes, stickers, pens and Shop Small swag for Shop Small Saturday on November 30th. Many businesses will be open and pop-up vendors will also be present.

Chief Kris Hudson gave the Police Report. He reported that Lani Mumby has resigned. He said he has made a conditional offer to an officer and hopes to swear him in at the next council meeting. He also passed out a dispatch activity report for October.

Motion by Malcolm, seconded by Tegeler to approve the insurance proposal from Group Services for insurance for the city workers for next year. On roll call, all voted Aye. Motion carried.

The City Clerk presented the City Treasurer’s Report and City Budget Report for October.

The Committee of the Whole discussed the Special Assessment Lien Policy Review and came up with guidelines for forgiving special assessments against property taxes for certain properties being returned to the tax rolls. The Clerk was directed to write a resolution containing these guidelines for the next council meeting and to give a copy to local contractors after the resolution is passed by council.

City Administrator reported that he had started work Monday morning and has been cleaning his office and enjoying his new duties.

The Mayor told the council that the firemen will put up the holiday decorations next Sunday. He also told the council he and the City Administrator have a meeting tomorrow with Garling Construction. There is a Benton County Landfill meeting tomorrow night where he expects they will discuss a new compactor and have a presentation on the new backyard composting pilot program for Belle Plaine.

Resident comments: None.

Correspondence: None.

Old Business: None.

Motion by Tegeler to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Landuyt. On roll call vote, all voted Aye, motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:09 p.m.

Dave Fish, Mayor

Jacki McDermott, City Clerk

Transcribed by the City Clerk subject to Council approval

Claims Approved by the City Council on November 20, 2019
$33.40 Airgas (cylinder rental)
$64.63 Alliant (all bills)
$3,292.75 Anderson Bogert Engineers (engineering)
$270.15 Belle Plaine Hardware (supplies all depts)
$16,461.00 Benton County Solid Waste Commission (per capita fee)
$801.00 Benton County Treasurer (taxes)
$225.30 Big State Industrial Supply (supplies street dept)
$88.10 Bruce Gapstur (light bulbs for airport)
$8.00 Carquest (supplies all depts)
$455.95 ClerkBooks, Inc (billing postcards)
$179.97 Core & Main (water parts)
$15.00 Corey’s Truck and Tire (tube repair)
$79.90 Dash (exam gloves)
$795.00 Dennis Wiese (tree removal)
$95.00 DNR (water use fee)
$1,272.00 Ehlen Plumbing & Heating (work at sewer plant and pump house)
$150.00 Fleming Irrigation (winterize irrigation system)
$28.50 Fresh Scents of Iowa (bathroom deodorizers)
$1,821.91 Gahring Machine, Inc (repair flatbed truck)
$486.36 Grainger (sewer supplies)
$117.37 Grieder’s Standard (fuel all depts)
$112.80 Group Services (premiums)
$713.68 H&L Repair (vehicle repair)
$11,689.75 Hamilton Construction & Concrete (sidewalk & storm sewer repairs)
$12,890.00 Hatch Grading & Contracting (house demo)
$123.40 Hawkeye Fire and Safety (fire extinguisher inspection)
$290.00 Hupfeld Stump Removal (three stumps)
$545.00 Independent Tech Solutions (mayor computer)
$660.00 Iowa Codification (code supplement)
$26,953.10 Iowa Finance Authority (sewer loan interest)
$21.04 Iowa Mold & Engineering (UPS shipment charge for fire dept)
$30.00 Iowa Peace Officer’s Assn. (dues)
$325.00 Iowa Rural Water Assn (dues)
$1,463.80 Keystone Labs (sewer testing)
$1,106.00 Kirkwood Community College (sewer education)
$2,392.00 Liquid Engineering (water tower cleaning and inspection)
$382.95 LL Pelling Co (premix)
$46,638.49 LL Pelling Co (2019 sealcoating)
$814.20 Manatts (sand)
$5,100.00 Martin Equipment (snow pusher)
$2,133.29 Municipal Supply (water parts)
$74.34 National Processing Center (credit card fees)
$606.79 P&K Midwest (repair tractor)
$2.46 Petty Cash (postage police)
$16.15 RC Systems (police radio equipment)
$510.89 Register Media (legals)
$12,138.16 Republic Services (garbage, recycling Oct & sewer plant Nov)
$1,673.10 Scharnweber Inc (repairs at water and sewer dept)
$412.50 Shuttleworth & Ingersoll (legal employment matter)
$300.83 Streicher’s (police equipment)
$48.75 Storey Kenworthy (office supplies)
$100.00 Steckly Floor Cleaning Solutions (clean carpets community center)
$50.00 The University of Iowa (sewer class)
$98.04 U.S. Cellular (police cell)
$181.17 USA Communications (phones and internet all depts)
$474.83 Visa (Call Em All, water supplies, water grants)
$180.15 Wendling Quarries (rock)
$500.24 Zip Mart (fuel all depts)
Revenues by Fund
General $233,630.29
Road Use $31,497.46
Special Revenue (exc Road Use) $151,801.52
Capital Projects $0.00
Debt Service (proceeds of debt) $68,326.53
Airport $2,146.00
Water Project 2019 $0.00
Water $24,514.49
Sewer Capital Project $0.00
Sewer  $31,258.64
Landfill/Garbage $19,973.79
Storm Water $4,840.00
Yard Waste $2,306.00

Disbursements by Fund
General $51,138.05
Prairie Park $0.00
Partners for Beautification $8.79
Road Use $24,053.86
Donovan Spending $0.00
Equipment $0.00
Economic Development $25.00
Housing & Urban Development $0.00
Employee Benefits $10,484.65
Emergency Fund $0.00
Police Forfeiture $350.00
LOST $24,750.00
TIF $0.00
Medical Bldg $7,531.62
Community Center $1,967.29
Library Improvement $1,446.02
Capital Projects $0.00
Debt Service  $28,151.25
Airport $656.48
Water Project 2019 $3,835.10
Water $20,007.46
Sewer Project $0.00
Sewer  $17,853.84
Landfill/Garbage $20,140.68
Storm Water $11,677.40
Yard Waste $4,160.00


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