Warranty Deeds, Nov. 22-28, 2019

Benton County, Iowa

Nov. 22, 2019

Brandon and Brittany Vincent convey to Abbey and Deven Neve, real estate in Lot 14, Weichman’s 12th Addition, Newhall.

Benton County Courthouse

Benjamin S. and Pamela S. Keel convey to Ryan J. and Gloria B. Duggan, real estate in Lot 1, Moretz First Addition.

Clarence J. and Wendy L. Walton convey to David Pollum, real estate in 18-83-12.

Richard and Judith L. Hupfeld, and Tammy and David Monson convey to Bonnie L. De Jong Trust, Bonnie L. De Jong, real estate in 21-84-12.

Jo Lynn Kay Johnson conveys to Matthew S. Marovec, real estate in Lot 2, Block 3, Sell’s Addition, Vinton.

Brian J. and Jennifer Parr convey to the Donald and Louise Manley Revocable Trust, real estate in Lot 1, Stoney Arch Estates First Addition.

Delbert W. Koopman Estate, Terry Koopman and Rochelle Melsha, executors, convey to James M. Phelps, real estate in Lots 2 and 3, Block 3, John Palmer’s Second Addition, Vinton.

Nov. 25, 2019

Vernon S. Flechner Trust conveys to Eagleview Land Development, real estate in Lots 20, 21, 22, 23, 28 and 29, Anderson Creek Estates First Addition, Vinton.

Robin R. Miller, administrator, Dawn Marie Talbott Estate, conveys to Ethan and Melissa Gucfa, real estate in Lot 3, Schneiderman’s First Addition, Walford.

EMP Properties conveys to Karen M. Wacker, real estate in Lots 7 and 8, Block 7, Tuttle’s First Addition, Parcel B, Norway.

Nov. 26, 2019

Larry Dean Etten conveys to Kyle L. Etten, real estate in Lots 9 and 10, Weichman’s Fourth Addition, Newhall.

Scott K. and Jaqueline K. Morrow convey to Morrow Properties Inc., real estate in Lots 3 and 1, Block 8, Hutton’s Second Addition, Belle Plaine.

Morrow Properties LLC conveys to Daniel D. and Deborah L. Drahos, real estate in Lots 1 and 3, Block 8, Hutton’s Second Addition, Belle Plaine.

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