Virginia Gay Hospital Installs Innovative CT System From Canon Medical For Higher Image Quality, Safer Patient Exams

Members of the imaging service department at Virginia Gay Hospital stand next to the upgraded CT unit that was recently installed as part of the new AquilionTMPrime SP system.

Aquilion Prime SP Delivers Balance Between Image Quality and Lower Dose for Wide Range of Patient Populations

VINTON, IA – To make CT exams as safe and accurate as possible for patients, Virginia Gay Hospital, in Vinton, Iowa, has installed the AquilionTM Prime SP system from Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc. The Aquilion Prime SP features advanced imaging technology from Canon Medical’s high-end CT systems, giving clinicians the right balance between image quality and lower dose for every patient from pediatric to bariatric. 

“The high image quality of the Aquilion Prime SP enables our clinicians to obtain critical patient information for enhanced diagnoses more confidently without sacrificing safety,” explained Monica Stark, VGH Imaging Services Coordinator. “The design of the Aquilion Prime SP allows us to successfully image a range of patients, from pediatric to bariatric, to further improve patient safety and comfort in our community.

“Our patients will notice that the bore (or opening on the unit) is larger on this new unit. That larger opening should make even the most apprehensive patient more comfortable.  The main upgrades from our previous system is the speed of reconstruction of the images (we take images in one plane and the computer reconstructs it into the other two planes for the 3D image) and the ability to suppress metal artifact. For example, if a patient has a hip replacement, we can see the area around it more clearly.”

The new Aquilion Prime SP can generate 80 unique slices per rotation with 0.35-second scanning, reducing time required to diagnosis. The system also features a 78-cm aperture gantry and a 660-pound patient-weight-capacity couch, making it an ideal solution for use in emergency scanning or bariatric patient studies. An optimized beam spectrum and a more an efficient detector based on PUREViSION Optics, provides the Aquilion Prime SP with reduced dose by up to31 percent and improved LCD for the body (22percent) and brain (19 percent). The system can help improve workflow with 3 phase Variable Helical Pitch (vHP3), which easily combines gated and non-gated optimized SUREExposureTM and Helical Pitch settings all within a single helical scan. To help minimize repeat scans, the system features SURECardio Helical Prospective, which adapts to patients’ heart rate automatically, even overcoming unexpected arrhythmia.

“The Aquilion Prime SP is another example of our commitment to developing advanced technology designed for today’s hospitals, enabling them deliver sharp, clear and distinct images at a low-dose for safer, more comfortable exams for the patient,” said Erin Angel, managing director, CT Business Unit, Canon Medical Systems USA.

This upgraded CT equipment continues a tradition and commitment to keep pace with technology for the leader in rural health care. Patients at Virginia Gay have come to expect prompt, convenient appointments, friendly and knowledgeable technologists, and the exact same quality of expertly trained radiologists used by the area’s largest hospitals. 

As a leader in rural healthcare and specializing in family medicine, Virginia Gay Hospital and Clinics serve families in the greater Benton County, Iowa with family medical clinics in Atkins, Van Horne, Urbana and Vinton. The hospital provides a wide array of services, diagnostic testing, and clinical expertise: Acute Care, Emergency Medicine, Home Health, Imaging Services, Laboratory, Nursing and Rehabilitation, Respiratory Therapy, Sleep Studies, Surgical Services, Therapy Services and Weight Management Clinic. Founded with a gift from Virginia Walcutt-Gay in 1914, the hospital has been able to maintain independence because of the generous support from the community. For more information about Virginia Gay Hospital, Clinics, Home Health, Nursing and Rehab, please visit

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