Belle Plaine City Council acts on Herring Hotel; sends case back to judge

Belle Plaine City Hall

Belle Plaine, Iowa

December 18, 2019

The Belle Plaine City Council met on December 18, 2019, at 6:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers with Mayor Dave Fish presiding. Present: Mary Pech, Mark Tegeler, Mitch Malcolm and Garrett Landuyt. Judy Schlesselman was present by phone. Also present was City Clerk Jacki McDermott, City Administrator Steve Beck, and City Attorney Jennifer Zahradnik.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Motion by Pech, to approve the Consent agenda, the Council Minutes of December 4, 2019 with the following correction: “Trash was definitely increased last year because of the larger bins. Experts have said that the recycling market will make a comeback as markets in other countries again accept United States recycling,” and bills received, second was by Landuyt. On roll call, all voted aye. Motion carried.

Residents Comments: None.

Steve Gerdes from Faller, Kincheloe and Co, PLC, gave a report on the audit that has just been completed for the City of Belle Plaine for fiscal year 2019. In summary the Mayor asked Mr. Gerdes for a financial grade for the City of Belle Plaine. Mr. Gerdes said that Belle Plaine was doing as well as any other towns are size and he would give us a grade of a high B or a low A.

Morgan Mitchell from Belle Plaine Community Development gave a report about recent activities. Holiday Homecoming was a success. Over 150 kids were served at Santa’s Workshop and $1,000 was raised at the Festival of Trees with a $500 donation to PTO, $250 donation to the Belle Plaine Area Museum and $250 to BPCDC. There was a great turnout for Shop Small Saturday at the businesses downtown. Your Memories Photography by Abbi Garling presented a check to the Scholastic Book Fund. Morgan has also participated in professional development in Ames through Main Street Iowa, attended the Benton Development Group end of year party and attended a social media webinar for nonprofits. She has been meeting with County and City officials about office space partnership. Motion by Malcolm, seconded by Pech to approve Resolution #19-12-04 renewing the Main Street Iowa Program Agreement. On roll call, all voted Aye. Motion carried. Motion by Malcolm, seconded by Tegeler to approve the mayor to sign the renewal contract with Main Street Iowa. On roll call, all voted Aye. Motion carried.

Chief Kris Hudson gave the Police Report. He purchased a new radar for the police car, which will be reimbursed by the Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau. Ben Eden was sworn in as a police officer. Hudson also shared carpet quotes. Motion by Tegeler, seconded by Malcolm to approve the quote from Double Take Designs for $3646.83 for carpet tiles for the police department. On roll call, all voted Aye. Motion carried. The Chief also reported that the Shop with a Cop program in Vinton was a success with Belle Plaine children invited to participate.

The City Clerk presented the City Treasurer’s Report and City Budget Report for November.

Motion by Tegeler, seconded by Landuyt to approve the second reading of Ordinance #24, which sets the number of members and the residency requirements of members of the library board and how they choose their officers. On roll call, all voted Aye. Motion carried.

Motion by Tegeler, seconded by Pech to waive the third reading of Ordinance #24, which is outlined above. On roll call, all voted Aye. Motion carried. The ordinance will become law upon publication.

Motion by Tegeler, seconded by Malcolm to approve Resolution 19-12-05, a Resolution regarding the Herring Hotel Foundation. As a part of a settlement with the Herring Hotel Foundation, certain conditions were to have been met by this date and have not been met, so therefore the matter will be sent back to the judge to decide the ownership of the Herring Hotel. On roll call, all voted Aye. Motion carried.

The City Administrator, Stephen Beck, reported that there was a situation at the airport with repainting the air strip. There was product failure due to improper preparations and installation. The City will be pursuing insurance options to see that this work is done correctly. It will be the responsibility of our airport manager to report this matter to the FAA if needed. He also reported that Mr. Bohlen’s high school class came to city hall and they will return tomorrow. He attended a legislative event where he spoke to leaders from larger Eastern Iowa cities. He has had meetings with Anders Norgaard looking for developers of housing. The electrical hookup at the wellfields for solar is finished and the transformers are changed out. He thanked the Public Works Department for their work on this project.

The Mayor set the first January meeting for January 2nd. The first budget workshop is tentatively scheduled for January 13th. He attended a Benton County Landfill meeting where they discussed a new compactor and had a presentation on the new backyard composting pilot program for Belle Plaine.

Resident comments: Mary Preston from Preston’s Station reported they have a workable garage built that is within historic guidelines and have the first draft of their National Registry going in for review.

Correspondence: None.

Old Business: None.

Motion by Tegeler to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Landuyt. On roll call vote, all voted Aye, motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:38 p.m.


Dave Fish, Mayor

Attest: _____________________________

Jacki McDermott, City Clerk

Transcribed by the City Clerk subject to Council approval

Claims Approved by the City Council on December 18, 2019
$14,474.35Alliant (all bills)
$1,655.25Anderson-Bogert Engineers (sewer engineering)
$112.34Ashly Parizek (mixer)
$248.00ATCO (water chemicals)
$187.90Axon Enterprise (police radar)
$86.50Belle Plaine Hardware (supplies all depts)
$1,290.12Benton County Auditor (election expense)
$3,300.00Everbridge (NIXLE texting service for messages)
$28.50Fresh Scents of Iowa (bathroom deodorizers)
$109.42Grieder’s Standard (fuel all depts)
$103.40Group Services (premiums)
$6.99Hartig Drug (dry erase markers)
$537.00Hawkins (water chemicals)
$33.50Heartland Co-op (fertilizer for park)
$1,661.88Hobart Service (disherwasher maintenance)
$217.64Hotsy (street dept supplies)
$150.00Iowa Law Enforcement Academy (test for police officer)
$80.00Iowa Library Assn (dues)
$33.30Iowa One Call (one calls)
$125.00Iowa Police Chief’s Assn (dues)
$1,395.70JETCO (water equipment repairs)
$978.40Keystone Labs (sewer testing)
$153.25Kollmorgen, Schlue & Zahradnik (legals)
$225.40LL Pelling Co (premix)
$119.79Manatts (sand)
$1,179.00MPH Industries (police radar)
$258.00Municipal Supply (water parts)
$70.80National Processing Center (credit card fees)
$236.00Norm Longnecker (locks)
$143.76Pitney Bowes (postage meter leasing)
$584.15Register Media (legals)
$12,138.16Republic Services (garbage, recycling Oct & sewer plant Nov)
$1,885.50Rohrer Bros (treated salt)
$122.50Riteway Pest Control (pest control)
$17.94Sandy Walton (black backing for pictures for office)
$1,715.95Sensus (water reader support contract)
$73.98Streicher’s (police equipment)
$264.24TASC (pretax plan for payroll deductions)
$500.00UMB (debt service fees)
$390.75Unum (life insurance premiums)
$5.08U.S. Cellular (police cell)
$223.23USA Communications (phones and internet all depts)
$575.82Visa (Call Em All, water supplies, water grants, training)
$790.14Wellmark (dental premiums)
$630.00Wittrock T-Shirts (basketball shirts)

Revenues by Fund$28,202.59
Road Use$27,484.15
Special Revenue (exc Road Use)$290.50
Capital Projects$9,351.69
Debt Service (proceeds of debt)$490.00
Water Project 2019$41,822.90
Sewer Capital Project$51,512.39
Sewer $20,016.90
Storm Water$2,292.00
Yard Waste$214,076.59

Disbursements by Fund$46,980.08
Prairie Park$0.00
Partners for Beautification$14,767.42
Road Use$0.00
Donovan Spending$5,100.00
Economic Development$15,156.67
Housing & Urban Development$10,446.80
Employee Benefits$0.00
Emergency Fund$297.83
Police Forfeiture$46,887.49
Medical Bldg$1,350.28
Community Center$534.35
Library Improvement$545.00
Capital Projects$3,956.83
Debt Service $1,185.04
Water Project 2019$22,781.28
Sewer Project$18,736.96
Sewer $31,003.50
Storm Water$0.00
Yard Waste$226,626.84

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