Warranty deeds – Dec. 31, 2019, to Jan. 3, 2020

Dec. 31, 2019

Virginia Gay Trust and the City of Vinton convey to Wendy S. Dunkelberger, real estate in Block 5, Sell’s Addition to Riverside, Cedar View Condo Unit 609, Vinton.

Joseph P. and Debra A. Kruse convey to Philip A. Jensen, real estate in Lot 14, Maple Lane Subdivision, Vinton.

Marlyn L. and Velma A. Jorgensen convey unto Dustin L. and Kimberly Mae Schirm, real estate in 28-85-11.

Kevin K. and Lisa A. Rotter convey to Jeffrey D. Aegerter, real estate in Lot 14, Root’s 1st Addition, Blairstown.

Holst Ltd. conveys to the State of Iowa, real estate in 36-84-12, 31-83-12, and 26-83-12.

Jan. 2, 2020

Abney K. and Timothy N. Clark convey to Kenneth E. Bontty Revocable Trust Agreement and Shelia A. Bontty Revocable Trust Agreement, real estate in 25-83-9.

Fuller Family Trust conveys to Carl H. Gerhold III Revocable Trust and Marilyn Gerhold Revocable Trust, real estate in 27-83-9.

Kyler L. and Meghan E. Fuller convey to Dawn R. and Gregory S. Hofmaster, real estate in Lot 92, Clover Ridge Addition Park 4, Walford.

Jan. 3, 2020

Karen L. Barnotes, trustee, Paul E. Anderson Residuary Trust, conveys to Jacob A. and Elizabeth C. Anderson, real estate in 32-85-9.

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