LEGISLATURE: Sen. Tim Kapucian

Greetings from Under the Golden Dome

January 17, 2020

Tim Kapucian

This week is the first week of the second half of the 88th General Assembly and the beginning of the last year of my 12th legislative session. Many issues remain the same from year to year, and some will be new. You will hear me address a few throughout the year.

We spend our first week organizing committees and attending on the Condition of the State, Judiciary, and the Iowa Guard. Pomp and circumstance and getting reacquainted with our colleagues fill the week.

I was honored to be an escort for the Governor to the House chamber for the Condition of the Guard address delivered by General Corell.

Bills have been drafted and some filed. Then the Senate President assigns the bill to a committee, where the chairman assigns to a subcommittee to vet the issue and gather public input. The subcommittee may recommend passage to the full committee. Then it goes to the full committee debate. If the bill is passed by the full committee, it is then eligible for full debate on the floor of the Senate.

I chair the Senate Transportation Committee and we hope to get a lot accomplished this year including improving bills from last year to get them passed and reviewing new bills for consideration.

It is always good to get past the first week and down to the business at hand.

I will keep you updated throughout session. See you out and about the district!

I am the chair of the Transportation Committee, and serve on the Agriculture, International Relations, and Natural Resources & Environment Committees. Please feel free to contact me by email at tim.kapucian@legis.iowa.gov

Mailing Address:
Tim Kapucian
1007 E Grand Ave
Des Moines, IA  50319-1001

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