Iowa House Update

By Tom Gerhold, Iowa House District 75

It was great to visit with Iowa Firefighters Association past presidents James Shutts of Belle Plaine, left, and Marv Trimble of Garrison in the Capitol Rotunda as they shared their priorities.


The Iowa Legislature just completed the first week of the session with some great ambitions on the agenda, such as helping to create more quality paying jobs and improving rural broadband coverage.

A few of my goals are to lower taxes in one way or another, be it income, inheritance, or property taxes. Since we had a nice surplus of $289 million for fiscal year 2019, this belongs to the hard-working people of Iowa!

Another one of my goals is to get more money for EMS services in smaller communities. These services in my opinion are just as important as fire protection.

Also, I recently learned that Alliant Energy has a charitable foundation which provides funding for a variety of efforts in our local communities.

The Alliant Energy Foundation provides grants for programs and projects related to education, environment and helping families. In 2019, they provided more than $840,000 for these important efforts. Below is a brief summary of their grant programs. I encourage you to review the links and consider applying directly through their Foundation.

Community Grants

Alliant Energy Foundation ( funds projects that fit into one of three focus areas: Helping Families, Education and the Environment. Grant applications are accepted in February and August of each year. Grants typically range from $500 to $5,000 to support programs and projects making an impact in Iowa communities. Please go to to apply or for more information.

Hometown Safety Grants

A Hometown Safety grant from Alliant Energy Foundation helps fund safety-related equipment. Grant applications are accepted in February and August. Grants are typically $1,000 and help provide your community’s first responders with the tools they need to take care of Iowa families and businesses. Please go here: to apply or for more info.

Corporate Sponsorships

Every year, Alliant Energy supports hundreds of programs and events throughout our communities in Iowa. We specifically support programs in our three focus areas of Helping Families, Education and the Environment, as well as community festivals, safety events and diversity programs. Please go to for more details or contact the Foundation staff at 1-866-769-3779.

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