Legislative update – Tim Kapucian, Jan. 24, 2020

Tim Kapucian

Now that the first week is of this legislative session is history, we hit the ground running in the Transportation Committee. As chairperson of the Senate Transportation Committee, my responsibility is to assign subcommittees to vet bills that have been proposed by legislators as well as bills proposed by the department. Department bills usually make corrections to Iowa Code to conform with federal Department of Transportation rules.

Once these bills have passed out of their subcommittee they are eligible for committee debate. Bills already passed out of the full committee and are eligible for floor debate are: 

  • SF 2009 addressing certain issues with school permits
  • SSB 3001 dealing with operating implements of husbandry on roadways
  • SF 389 which enhances the law in regards to vehicles who “camp” in the left lane on four highways

I intend to keep our committee moving so expect to see more bills coming.

It was a real honor to have two of our communities in Senate District 38 receive recognition at the Capitol on Tuesday by 1000 Friends of Iowa for projects they have completed. 1000 Friends of Iowa recognizes projects in Iowa that express the fact that smart land use and sustainability are incorporated in their projects. Grinnell was recognized for their Central Park renovation and Belle Plaine for their Schlue Memorial Sound Park. Congratulations Grinnell and Belle Plaine!

Belle Plaine officials at the state capitol. From the left are Stephen Beck, Jennifer L. Zahradnik, Morgan Leigh Mitchell, Jessica Rilling, Kate Robertson, Mindy Atkinson, and Jacki Garringer McDermott.

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