New Year brings changes to Virginia Gay Hospital board of directors

Virginia Gay Hospital (VGH) has announced changes to its board of director members for 2020. Mark Mossman has chosen to step down from the hospital board after 25 years of service. Mossman began as a director in 1994 and has served as Chairman of the Board since November 2003. 

Current board member, John Ketchen, will now serve as the new Chairman of the Board. Ketchen has served on the board since 1992. 

In his 25 years of service, Mossman was instrumental in leading the hospital through multiple renovations and the 2008 Commitment to Caring Campaign. He was also instrumental in the expansion and new construction of the Vinton Family Medical Center.

“Rural hospitals and clinics are vital to our health care system. They are the source of our primary care and diagnostics and the gateway to specialized services. We are fortunate indeed to have Virginia Gay Hospital and Clinics in our communities,” says Mossman. “While the facilities are first class, it is the dedicated and talented people that make all the difference. These are people we know and trust. They are not just our medical providers but also our friends and neighbors.

“In the coming years, there will be many challenges facing health care in our country. We need to find a way to lower costs without sacrificing quality, promote wellness, and deliver preventative medicine while addressing mental health needs, among many other issues. Whether you support coverage through private insurance or universal Medicare or a combination of the two, we need to make sure that all people have affordable access to quality care, like the care we receive from our hometown hospital.” 

John Mossman will join as a new board member. John is a partner with Mossman & Mossman Law Firm, Vinton. His resume of community service includes the Vinton Public Library Board of Directors and the Benton County Community Foundation Board of Directors and Vice Chairman of St. Mary’s Church Building Renovation Committee.

Michele Schoonover, the Administrator of Virginia Gay, commented on the changes by saying, “The Mossman family has been instrumental in guiding the hospital throughout the years. Mark’s father, Keith, established the Virginia Gay Hospital Healthcare Foundation and was the Foundation’s first chairperson. Mark has served as our hospital board chair and was recognized as a Modern Healthcare 2011 Trustee of the Year for a small hospital. I want to thank Mark for his service and especially for his guidance this past year. I wish Mark the best as he retires from the board. I am excited that John is continuing the Mossman legacy as he becomes a new VGH board member. John Ketchen is a seasoned board member with much experience that will make a seamless transition to President.”

To learn more about Virginia Gay Hospital and its clinics in the Benton County communities of Atkins, Urbana, Van Horne, and Vinton, visit

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