Iowa House Update – Thomas Gerhold

Jan. 27, 2020


It was a busy week under the Golden Dome in Des Moines, even though the committees I serve on – Agriculture, Environmental Protection, International Relations, and Economic Development Sub-committee – don’t have many bills assigned yet. There is discussion of increasing the limit of two miles allowed in driving farm equipment between the home farm and the destination farm operation or ground without a driver’s license. With the size of farms continuing to grow, this is very much outdated and can be a very good benefit to many farmers with young farmers!

It was great to have Pastor Joshua and Charity Graber and their family from Vinton have a field trip to the State Capitol!

This last week was a very important one for farmers across the country, as President Trump secured agricultural trade agreements – the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA. We can be very optimistic also with new agreements with Japan and China!

I submitted a bill to eliminate the state inheritance tax, also known as the “death tax”, over a ten-year period equally proportional. This is an unfair tax, so keep your fingers crossed.

Congratulations to the Belle Plaine Community Development Corp for being recognized and winning a Best Development Award from 1000 Friends of Iowa ( A greenspace was created at 711 12th Street and is now called the Larry Schlue Memorial Sound Park, which has six sculptures and four musical instruments.

Be safe and warm out there!

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