Budget work continues for county

Clarification is made on rumble strips

VINTON – Budget work continued for the Benton County Board of Supervisors at their Feb. 4 meeting in Vinton.

The board set Tuesday, Feb. 25, at 9:30 a.m. as the amended date for maximum property tax hearing.

The Benton County Historic Preservation Commission submitted their budget request for next fiscal year. The commission will work on a survey. A professional will come in and assess their historical properties. They are working on the Spencer Grove Church. They are applying for a community foundation grant for the church, hoping for $10,000 for window work. A survey gives them a chance for money. They would like to do a survey for six historical churches in Benton County. A survey of the churches is expected to be between $10,000 and $12,000.

Benton County Conservation also met with the board about their budget. Projects include a shop at Hannen Park. The overall budget is less than the current budget.

The final plat was approved for Burkhart’s First Addition to Benton County.


Engineer Myron Parizek wanted to clarify discussion from the previous week’s meeting, regarding the intersection of Highway 30 and the Van Horne/Blairstown road (21st Avenue). If rumble strips were installed on the north, the first panel would be 50 feet from a nearby residence. The Department of Transportation has looked at noise as a quality of life issue.

Parizek has contacted a contractor. Work on rumble strips can’t begin until it gets above freezing. Parizek wanted to confirm the board wanted rumble strip panels on both sides of the intersection. There was also discussion on “Stop Ahead” signs and their location, and where the strips are placed in relation to those signs.

Chairman Richard Primmer felt it should on both sides, and the “Stop Ahead” signs should have amber flashing lights. Supervisor Tracy Seeman said he’d want to look at the area first, hoping buildings would deaden the sound. Primmer also suggested Seeman meet with the resident. They also discussed the south side and what is needed there. It currently has a flashing light that is activated when the driver is over 40 miles per hour.

Parizek added the DOT has a standard for stop signs and stop ahead signs at intersections. He is also looking at lighting options. Action on a recommendation is planned at next week’s meeting.

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