Become a Soil Conservation Commissioner

Opportunities exist to become a Benton Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) Commissioner, give back to your community and have a positive impact on Iowa’s land and people.

Seats for three Benton SWCD commissioner seats will be found on the November 3, 2020 election ballot, all four-year terms.

SWCD Commissioners help set local priorities for natural resource protection, facilitate activities such as youth and adult conservation outreach and assist the management of district funds and personnel. They may come from all walks of life. All that’s needed is an interest in protecting our natural resources. Commissioners are reimbursed for expenses and protected from personal liability.

Any eligible voter residing in Benton County is eligible to be a candidate for the office of Benton SWCD commissioner, except that no more than two commissioners may reside in any one township. Existing commissioners with terms not currently expiring include Henry Wehrman of Iowa Township and Jeremy Sills, Monroe Township.

Nomination petitions need to be completed and filed with the Benton County Auditor by 5:00 p.m. on March 20. Twenty-five (25) signatures from county residents must be on the petition. The person whose nomination is proposed by the petition may not sign it.

Nominating petitions may be obtained from the Benton County Auditor’s office at 111 E 4TH St #2 Vinton, Iowa. Questions regarding becoming a commissioner may be directed to Benton SWCD at 319-472-2161, extension 3 or the Benton County Auditor, 319-472-2365.

All SWCD programs are provided to the public without discrimination on the grounds of race, color, national origin, age, sex, religion, marital status or handicap.

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