Supervisors take action on land use and treasurer’s clerks; talk about wind power

VINTON – It was routine business for the Benton County Board of Supervisors at their meeting, Tuesday, Feb. 18, at the courthouse in Vinton.

Alex Maynard and Ann Stephens were approved as full-time clerks in the treasurer’s office.

The board approved a variance to the subdivision ordinance for Zach Ellis, to add a building to his land in Section 3, Benton Township. A new parcel is being created so he may get a construction loan.

A land use hearing was held for Wendling Quarries Inc., for land in Section 31, Harrison Township. They are working on a new pit to get sand and gravel. They need to apply for several flood plain permits, plus they need to get a mining license. A Wendling representative said this should last them for 10 to 15 years.

The board renewed its Cyber and Technology Liability Insurance.

There was a brief discussion at the end of the meeting regarding a policy for wind and solar power, in answer to concerns from a county resident. Chairman Richard Primmer said the county needs to pull its head out the sand, realize it’s going on all around the county, and they need policies to regulate. No action has been taken on a policy. Primmer felt this was something that needed to be looked at by the county zoning commission. Primmer added he’s heard scuttlebutt about solar fields.

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