Coming to the EV History Center

Mr. Lincoln’s Neighborhood with Peter Hoehnle

At the Abraham Lincoln home in Springfield, Peter Hoehnle was a guide and historian for three years. Here he is posing with a younger Abe who happened to be visiting his old hometown that day.

On Sunday, March 29, at 2:00 p.m., Peter Hoehnle from the Amana Colonies will make a presentation about Abraham Lincoln’s life in Springfield, Illinois, before he became president.

A special focus of the talk will be on the Lincoln family’s home life and on the lives of the people who lived near the family in the neighborhood.

Lincoln moved to Springfield on April 15, 1837, almost exactly the midpoint of his life. His experiences there as a lawyer, politician, family man, and neighbor played a great role in transforming a rough child of the frontier into the man who was the sixteenth president of the United States.

Peter Hoehnle has been a lifelong student of Lincoln and followed that passion to Springfield where he worked at the Lincoln Home National Historic Site for three years.

The EV History Center is located at 108 N. Main Street in North English, and all are invited to attend this event at no charge. Donations are accepted.

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