Dealing with it

Jim and Johnny

So what is your new routine?

I have neatly stacked books I’ve been meaning to read, from biographies by Roger Daltrey and Keith Richards, to the challenge of reading Don Quixote. I’d hate to disturb that stack. Since most television shows are being done from home, I’m looking closely at the books in the background. I’m not sure if people read these, or if they are put there to make it look like they’ve read them. “Hmmm. He has all of these books. He most know what he’s talking about.”

One book from a late-night show looks really interesting. “Ike’s Bluff.” Eisenhower was an underrated president and he found a way to keep countries from blowing each other up. I might have to order that one. Not to read, but to have in my background so I look smarter.

I’ve watched my workout tapes with no success, until I realized that I have to actually do the exercises. That meant going from the collection of one-hour workouts on DVD to the seven-minute workouts online. Exercise is still pretty much of a comedy show. I’ll laugh at what they expect me to do.

I also try to keep updated online, and keep others updated. It’s sort of like a job without pay. I still manage to find enough to feed my guitar habit. The guitar is a constant companion.

5 p.m. is still happy hour. I plan my day around it. If it’s nice outside, properly spaced people walk by, most often with their pets. I yell at them from a distance. I also busy myself preparing the place for if and when an “all clear” is sounded. That will be a day.

In the mean time, it makes us appreciate what we have, especially our restaurants, grocery stores, law enforcement, and most of all, health workers. And how about the farmers who feed us, and the truckers who get things to us? Thanks to all of you.

We also send all of our best to those who are dealing with COVID-19. Yes, I know a few who have it. They are not from around here, but they are in our circle and we think about them.

Everyone take care. We’ll try to keep everyone informed.

One comment

  1. Better read up of Don Quixote. If all the anti windmill stuff migrates from Iowa County to Benton County.


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