And it continues

Jim Magdefrau

One thing I’ve learned in five weeks of isolation is that the first step towards overcoming one’s fears and achieving one’s goals is to put on pants.

There are times I’ll sit in the garage and appear to be in deep thought and reflection about our past and future. Nope. I’m just watching the squirrels chasing each other in the park. Are they really mad at each other? Do they ever catch each other? Is this social distancing?

There are also times that I will leave the house. Like most, it’s to get the mail or groceries. I’ll also head to the park when I see the city mower needs sticks cleared. Civic duty.

Excuse me while I pause. A utility crew is nailing things into a utility pole. I have to watch this.

OK. I’m back. It’s a metal strip with numbers and a QR code. What does it mean?

I’ve heard of people having class reunions each online. This is now about the only way we can see other. It’s engrained into our lives. Kids don’t twice about it. It’s still rocket surgery to me. Then again, having an image come up on photo paper in a developing tray is still rocket surgery.

Rainbow in Van Horne

I guess there’s being in touch, and then there’s being in touch. Virtually works for now. Texts, emails and posts. SnapChat? Still haven’t figured that out. Polite nods at the grocery store. A nod and a wave when driving. A “howdy” when a walker passes by the house. Ringing the bell on the bicycle. Being nice to to teach other.

Wearing pants.

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