SOUR GRAPES: Isolation continuation

Jim Magdefrau

May 1, 2020

I figured I’d try something extravagant for a meal the other night. By extravagant I mean I had to use two pans. I found one pan, and couldn’t find the small one. It had to be somewhere. Then it came to me that at a chili cook-off/music appreciation session decades ago, the pan was used as musical instrument. It might be time to get a new pan, or a new musical instrument. There’s always room for another musical instrument.

A bird from the neighborhood

There’s also more time for exercise. My main exercise is raising and lowering the foot rest on the recliner. That’s more work than you would think. I also try to do a 30-second wall squat each time I walk to the kitchen for food. That burns two calories or so. I hope that adds up. Biking around town is a breeze because Van Horne is so flat, except for gentle climbs on certain streets. Main Street has a great one to where I just to pedal twice after getting a burger at the Antler. That burns two calories. It adds up.

Evening in the garage is usually spent guarding my newly planted Mexican from the neighborhood rabbit. Harvey.I’m also using the camera to inventory the neighborhood birds while devising a way to keep a confused robin from trying to fly through the garage windows. I might tape up a picture of Batman on the windows. That might work.

Afternoons can be spent on the computer while in the garage. Pretty peaceful. While there’s a lot of bad going around, it helps to take in the good that is also taking place. A sunny day changes my attitude.

It’s good to have a routine. It’s good to break that routine. It’s good to remain hopeful for when opening day arrives.

Until then, I’ll be taking pictures of birds, chasing rabbits, biking and banging pots and pans. It burns calories.

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