Sour Grapes: Making up for lost time

Smiling senior at Benton

Jim Magdefrau

It was good to see the parade of graduating seniors drive by my house in Van Horne, as family and friends cheered on the seniors from my front yard. This might be the only time this happens, as under a normal graduation season, the weekends are filled with receptions and school events.

We hope that all our students lost was a few months of school time. Students get locked into an education and career path that by their freshman year. I just remember when I was a senior in college that I was scratching my head on what I was going to do. Where was I going to go? A job back home was not a given. Is that a BA or a BS?” “Why am I one credit short of graduation?” “Does Tork’s have the cheapest price on Grain Belt? These were the deep questions going through the head of a graduating senior.

Let’s hope we catch up on the months we lost. Looking back. Remember the 1990s? Heck. I lost a whole decade.

* * *

We had a good professor at Iowa State who taught a sociology class in the journalism building. He once described college as a warehouse. As for professors, “We’re just here to entertain you for four years.”

* * *

Restrictions are being eased, but are kept at 50 percent capacity for most venues. I hear lap dancing might be allowed soon, but they can use only one cheek.

* * *

Following the restrictions and guidance, I wore one of my masks into the local grocery store and was getting a few funny looks. “Hmm,” I thought. Then I realized. I was wearing my reading glasses over my sunglasses. It looked weird. But it worked.

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