COUNCIL: Atkins June 10 agenda

City of Atkins Iowa
City Council Meeting Agenda
Special Session
Wednesday June 10, 2020, at 7:00 PM
Atkins City Hall – 480 Third Avenue, Atkins Iowa
− Due to Governors Declaration of Emergency – Meeting will be conducted via Teleconference – Limited public access is available at the City Hall Council Room
Instructions to access the meeting using teleconference application Webex; – Video is not needed but may be available.
Meeting number is 126 184 5064, password 2MbhNeDuX32
Without webex, Call the telephone number 1-510-338-9438
Enter access code 126 184 5064 # password 26246338 #, you will have access to hear
and speak. Meeting opens 15 minutes prior to the start time.
Contact the City Clerk at 319-446-7870 or email if you plan to
speak before the Council. Optional – but preferred.

Atkins City Hall

NOTICE AND CALL OF PUBLIC MEETING. The Mayor and Council welcome comments from
the public during discussion. You are required to state your name and address for the record
and to limit the time used to present your remarks in order that others may be given an
opportunity to speak. The order of business is at the discretion of the Chair. The audio portion
of this meeting may be recorded.

  1. Opening guidance to conduct the meeting using teleconference application Webex.
  2. Call to Order and Roll Call by Mayor Bruce Visser.
  3. Council comments concerning the Consent Agenda items and motion to approve.
  4. City Council Minutes of June 1,2020
  5. Discussion and possible repeal of the City of Atkins Resolution 762 Appointment of City
    Attorney – Kara Bullerman
  6. Discussion and possible action on a City of Atkins Employee Handbook
  7. Discussion and possible action on Council Rules of Procedure pursuant to City of
    Atkins Code 17.02(1)
  8. Council Comments
  9. Public Comments
  10. Set future meeting date, time, location, and tentative agenda items. Due to the Governors Declared State of Emergency the Council meeting may be conducted using teleconference. Meeting agenda will include instructions to access the meeting.
  11. Adjournment.
    This Notice is given at the direction of the City Council pursuant to Chapter 21, Code of Iowa,
    and the local rules of the City of Atkins, Iowa.

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