Iowa House News: Thomas Gerhold, District 75


Thomas Gerhold

The Iowa state legislature finally went back into session this last week, with some legislators having a little apprehension due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the protests. The state continues improvement with the drop in the numbers of people testing positive and total deaths, and about 60% of people testing positive have recovered.

The Iowa House has passed some bills good for Iowans, such as Medical Malpractice Reforms, Senate File 2338, which limits the amount of damages for medical expenses to the actual amount paid on behalf of the injured person. This bill should help with the ever-increasing costs of health insurance premiums.

House File 2626 passed with bipartisan support to clean up Iowa Dept. of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (IDALS) codes, such as foreign animal disease outbreaks, and also creates a new offense of “Food Operation Trespass” at animal processing and production premises.

Another bill that passed unanimously will go to a good cause – helping flood victims – is House File 2620, which is a specialized auto license plate called “Fly Our Colors”, being red, white, and blue. This is a great way to take pride in our country and help other Iowans!

Senate File 2403 passed unanimously in the House, which will help support biofuels in Iowa. After the pandemic hit, biofuel consumption and production took a major hit due to the huge decrease of traveling by Americans. According to the latest statistics from 2019, the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association calculates ethanol production added a $1.20 per bushel benefit to corn growers, and biodiesel added $1.09 per bushel benefit for soybean growers. Please support America’s backbone, the American farmer!

Senate File 2283 passed almost unanimously in the House. This bill allows medical care ambulance services or nontransport service to provide EMS training if they have been approved by the Iowa Dept. of Public Health.

These are just some of what has been passed and look forward to passing more bills that will be good for Iowans. And a reminder, if you have a medical issue, please contact or see your doctor as soon as possible! They are open, willing, and able to help you!

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