SICL Softball All-Conference 2020

2020 SICL All-Conference
1st Team
Pitchers (3)GradeSchool
*Denali ConoverJr.Lynnville-Sully
Madison McKayJr.North Mahaska
Kylie DotySoph.Colfax-Mingo
Catchers (2)GradeSchool
Korrine JansenJr.Lynnville-Sully
Maci DeJongSr.North-Mahaska
Infielders (5)GradeSchool
*Megan StuhrSr.Sigourney
Lilly ParrottSr.Belle Plaine
Mallory LoftusSr.Lynnville-Sully
Caitlyn AlbertsJr.Lynnville-Sully
Gwen MewsSoph.English-Valleys
Outfielders (4)GradeSchool
*Laci KeenJr.Lynnville-Sully
Chloe BossardSr.North Mahaska
Taylor MoelJr.BGM
Caylee CunninghamFr.Colfax-Mingo
Utility (2)GradeSchool
Abi RawlinsFr.Colfax-Mingo
Kaleah EhresmanSr.Lynnville-Sully
Kiley AlcottSo.Belle Plaine
Morgan HudsonSo.North Mahaska
2nd Team
Pitchers (3)GradeSchool
*Hannah MarshJr.English Valleys
Kallie RobisonFr.Montezuma
Carly Goodwin8thSigourney
Catchers (2)GradeSchool
Carissa VanZeeSr.Montezuma
Kaylee WeberJr.Sigourney
Infielders (5)GradeSchool
Addy WestfallFr.English Valleys
Carley UnderwoodFr.Colfax-Mingo
Kayla JackJr.HLV
Rylie VanErsveldeSr.BGM
Zoe DuecoreSoph.North Mahaska
Outfielders (4)GradeSchool
*Karlee ChandlerSr.North Mahaska
Maddie MikesellSoph.English Valleys
Olivia BohlenSoph.Belle Plaine
Courtney HemsleyFr.Sigourney
Utility (2)GradeSchool
Karlee TimmJr.HLV
Cayler Noun-HarderJr.Lynnville-Sully
Conference Coach of the Year: Stacey Alberts – Lynnville Sully
  • Unanimous

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