Benton baseball announces team and WaMaC honors

Benton Baseball Team Awards

Rookie of the Year: Jack McGovern
Outfield Gold Glove: Turner Schroeder
Infield Gold Glove: Brady Sadler
Most Improved: Drew Lange
Silver Slugger Award: Drew Lange
Cy Young: Cade Timmerman
Utility Award: Cade Timmerman
MVP: Brady Sadler
MVP: Ian Rupp
Coaches Award: Justise McFarland

WaMaC West All-Conference

Turner Schroeder: 1st Team Outfield

Ian Rupp: 1st Team Catcher

Brady Sadler: 2nd Team Utility

Cade Timmerman: 2nd Team Infield

Drew Lange: 2nd Team Outfield

Landen Schmuecker: Honorable Mention

Aiden Harris: Honorable Mention

3A NE All-District

Ian Rupp: 2nd Team Catcher

Turner Schroeder: 2nd Team Outfield

Captains – Drew Lange, Brady Sadler, Ian Rupp, Turner Schroeder

4th Year Varsity Letter – Ian Rupp, Turner Schroeder, Cade Timmerman

3rd Year Varsity Letter – Drew Lange, Landen Schmuecker, Brady Sadler

2nd Year Varsity Letter – Aidan Thompson, Casey Gallagher, Ryan Tjelmeland, Aiden Albertsen, Aiden Harris, Justise McFarland

1st Year Varsity Letter – Easton Patterson, Lane Kaestner, Zane Frese, Tyler Chambers, Jack McGovern

Varsity Participant Award – Dawson Franck, Dillon Kerkman, Hunter Vargason

State Participant Award – Zane Frese, Casey Gallagher, Ryan Tjelmeland, Tyler Chambers, Hunter Vargason, Brady Sadler, Turner Schroeder, Landen Schmuecker, Drew Lange, Dawson Franck, Cade Timmerman, Aiden Albertsen, Aidan Thompson, Dillon Kerkman, Lane Kaestner, Justise McFarland, Aiden Harris, Easton Patterson, Jack McGovern, Ian Rupp

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