Land use change approved for new development near Vinton

Benton County Courthouse

Culvert bids are also approved for Benton County

VINTON – A land use change for a housing development, culvert bids and maintenance of the county’s website were the topics for the Benton County Board of Supervisors at their meeting Tuesday, Aug. 14, in Vinton.

Land use

A land use hearing was held for Elwick Brothers LLC for land in Section 22, Taylor Township. Land Use Administrator Marc Greenlee explained this is for a housing development and takes up 26 acres. It is not in Vinton, but is in the midst of the corporate limits. He also presented the preliminary plat for Stoney Arch Second Addition. Stoney Arch First Addition was approved on 2017. That plat has been filled.

The city has approved the change, though Greenlee pointed out this is not the city’s role. That right belongs to the supervisors. The city does have the right to review a preliminary plat. It meets the county’s criteria. It does not disrupt farming and is close to a city. It was also pointed out the plat is more than 200 feet from city services.

The also approved a preliminary plat, which includes sine lots from the first addition.

A variance to the subdivision ordinance was approved for the land in Section 22, Taylor Township, regarding open space requirements, which Greenlee feels are not needed.


Maintenance of the county’s website was discussed by Ben Bonar, weed commissioner, Ben Ternis, Information Technology, on who has administration rights. Bonar set up the county’s website. Since then the county has an IT department. Each department controls their own page. It was discussed who has “global” rights to all pages on the site. It was recommended Ternis be the only one with general admin rights, and that this be included in the county handbook. The board would like to see the updated policy recommendation at the Aug. 11 meeting.


Benton County Engineer Myron Parizek opened bids for two box culverts. One is a single culvert one mile west of Atkins, and the second is a twin box culvert by Tara Hills, on 19th Ave. west of Van Horne. Iowa Bridge and Culvert, Washington, submitted the low bids on both projects. Contracts will be sent to the firm so work can start. The bids were $102,061.80 for the single box and $140,651.25 for the double box.

A resolution was approved to remove bridge embargo on 33rd Ave. in Polk Township , north of Urbana.

The board also approved the purchase agreement for temporary easement for box culvert replacement project in Benton Township on 61st Street Lane.

Other business

A hearing was held for the status of funded activities for the watershed grant.

The board approved 20 hours of carryover vacation for Rick Bramow.

Gary Bierschenk was presiding at the meeting, with Chairman Richard Primmer participating online.

The board discussed use of the conference room at the service center for meetings. The extension service wants to use this for meetings and classes. The board is concerned about cleaning of the room and restrooms after the meetings. No action was taken, though the board had no objection to using the room for meetings.

The way to pay employees who test positive for Covid-19 was discussed, and if sick leave should be used for this.

Benton County Attorney David Thompson explained the easement agreement with the City of Newhall. The city has solar panels on county property. The city has agreed to maintain that property. The easement was approved.

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