Hello Atkins! Look how far we’ve come in the past 10 days! Power is back to most homes and hopefully the rest very soon. Tree debris is disappearing. Thank you for your patience as we work toward putting the City back together. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS! ATKINS VOLUNTEERS ARE AWESOME!

Information update from the City:

The Information Tent is still at the Library. If you have questions stop by and leave your question, name and contact information and the appropriate city department will contact you.

Water Payment Drop Box – In the near future will be relocated to near the ATM in the Library parking lot.

Burning – Everyone, please take note, there is NO open burning allowed within the city. This includes tree debris, trash and construction materials. Recreational fires that are monitored, no more than 3 ft tall, and a minimum of 25 ft from structures and brush piles are allowed. Please be careful! It is very dry and fire will spread quickly.

Collection of Fallen Trees and Limbs – Contractors continue to pick up tree debris. Continue to move tree debris to the grass edge of the property off the traveled portion of the road as the crews will make multiple passes through the City. Please be aware of these crews and keep your distance for the safety of all.

Construction Debris – Crews have begun to pick up. Separate shingles and construction debris into two separate piles. Do not mix with tree debris. Yard items like trampolines & playsets, please break down into manageable sized pieces for pickup. Do not mix debris or it will not be picked up.

City Needs All Residents Help Funding the City will be receiving from the government for cleanup will require the City to pay a percentage of the total cost of cleanup. Part of the City’s payment can be offset by hours the residents are spending on cleanup and other recovery efforts. The City will be sending out details later this week by mail. Please watch for this mailing.

Garbage, Recycle and Yard Waste – Collection has returned to normal pickup schedule on Wednesdays.

Green Trash/Recycle Bins –If you are missing a bin, contact the Information Tent. If you find a find a bin, please bring it to the south end of 2nd Avenue, near City Hall. Watch for the sign.

Food Help– Sandwiches, sack lunches, snacks, and water, along with personal care items and clean up kits are available at the Soccer Park Pavilion daily from noon until 8 PM until further notice.

Helping Hands Food Pantry – Open at Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month from 11-12. Please contact Dave Duball at 319-981-6060 if you need assistance outside of these times.

Need Help with Cleanup – Please contact Lana Robison at 319-929-1737.

How You Can Help Food Needed for Soccer Pavilion Site: fruit bars, snacks (no granola bars), eggs, ½ gallon milk, butter, and bread. Drop off at the soccer pavilion between noon and 8PM. Food Pantry: Non-perishable food and monetary donations. Contact Dave Duball at 319-981-6060. Food for Volunteers: Gatorade and prepackaged snacks. Drop off at Lana Robisons, 309 C Ave. Volunteers Needed this Saturday for food distribution. Contact Pam Duball at 319-981-7755. Volunteers for clean-up: Meet Thursday at 11 AM at the city park. Bring rakes, gloves, wagons and chainsaws.

The next newsletter will be available Friday at the Information Tent and posted on the NEXT-DOOR APP – Atkins Neighbors Page and at

This information is provided for the residents of the City of Atkins by the Mayor’s office.

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