Hello Atkins! … and the cleanup continues. Thank you for your hard work and patience as we continue putting our homes, businesses, and the City back together. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS! ATKINS VOLUNTEERS ARE THE BEST! KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK! If you are finished with your cleanup, look around town or drive out to area farms or neighboring towns and offer to lend a hand. They will appreciate it.

Information update from the City:

The Information Tent is open at the Library today but will not be open this weekend. Starting Monday, an INFORMATION DESK will be set up in the lobby of the City Hall/Library building. Please stop by it if you have any City questions.

City Needs All Residents Help On Thursday, August 20th, the City sent each resident a mailing asking for help. The hours worked for disaster cleanup count as money to help pay the cost of cleanup in Atkins. Part of the City’s payment can be offset by hours spent on cleanup and other recovery efforts. Details are explained in the mailing. Please complete the form as it will lessen the cleanup cost burden for the City and help recognize the tremendous value volunteers provided our community during this time. If you have questions, contact City Hall at 319-446-7870.

Water Meter Reads will take place next week per the normal schedule. Payment can be made on-line, the drop box or at Atkins Savings Bank. If you will have difficulty meeting this month’s payment, please contact City Hall at 319-446-7870 or email: The Water Payment Drop Box will be relocated to near the ATM in the Library parking lot by the end of today.

Building Permits – Next week the city will be providing information on building permits on

NO OPEN BURNING– PLEASE READ THIS AND SHARE WITH YOUR NEIGHBORS. There is NO open burning allowed within the city. This includes tree debris, trash and construction materials. IT IS VERY DRY and FIRE SPREADS QUICKLY. Please do not make more work for our Fire Department/First Responders. Recreational fires that are monitored, no more than 3 ft tall, and a minimum of 25 ft from structures and brush piles are allowed.

Collection of Fallen Trees and Limbs – As of today, there have been approximately 500 dump truck loads of tree debris hauled away weighing an estimated 6 million lbs. Contractors will not be working this weekend but will continue to pick up tree debris next week. At this point, a pickup end date has not been determined, so please continue to move tree debris to the grass edge of the property off the traveled portion of the road for pickup. Please be aware of these crews and keep your distance for the safety of all.

Construction Debris – Crews will not be working this weekend but will continue to pick up construction materials next week. Separate shingles and construction debris into two separate piles and tree debris into a third pile. Yard items like trampolines & playsets, must be broken down into manageable sized pieces for pickup. Do not mix debris piles or they will not be picked up. There will be no pickup of chemicals, oil, paint, antifreeze, and tires. Please take those to the Benton County Landfill.

Garbage, Recycle and Yard Waste – Collection has returned to the normal Wednesday pickup schedule.

Green Trash/Recycle Bins – If you are missing a bin, contact the Information Tent/Desk. If you find a find a bin, please bring it to the south end of 2nd Avenue, near City Hall.

Food Help– Today is the last day to get food, snacks, water, personal care items and cleanup kits at the Soccer Park Pavilion. The hours today arenoon until 7 PM. This weekend, at Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church, from 10 AM until 2 PM, sandwiches, chips, bottled water and non-perishable food will be available for pickup.

Sunday, August 30thfree pizza from Opal and Hazel’s Firewood Pizza will be served in the Library/City Hall parking lot at noon until it is gone.

Helping Hands Food Pantry at Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church is open the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month from 11-12. Please contact Dave Duball at 319-981-6060 if you need assistance outside of these times.

Need Help with Cleanup – Please contact Lana Robison at 319-929-1737.

Need help with Financial Resource or need to talk to someone about your individual situation, dial 211 for assistance.

Benton County Emergency Management has available aDisaster Recovery Resourcesdocument. Copies are available at the Information Tent/Desk or at

Message from Atkins Therapy Clinic – The Atkins Therapy Clinic would like to give a ‘shout out’ to our community.  We are 6 months into our new way of living, “Covid style”.  In the beginning, we were all limited on activities and exercise.  Some of us developed some health issues because of this change in our lifestyle.  As we came out of the isolation and weather improved, we were able to become more active. We found things to do outside, activities that improve our physical and mental health. We want to remind you that as the situation may change into the fall and winter, as well as the weather changing, that you need to continue to stay active.  Develop an exercise routine that includes some strengthening, cardio, and stretching that you can continue to complete throughout the winter months.  Take charge and keep positive!

How You Can Help Food Pantry: Non-perishable food and monetary donations. Contact Dave Duball at 319-981-6060. Volunteers for clean-up: See Lana Robison’s posts on the Atkins Neighbors page for the next volunteer opportunity.

The next newsletter will be available Wednesday, August 26th at at the Information Desk and posted at

This information is provided for the residents of the City of Atkins by the Mayor’s office.

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