Benton County Warranty Deeds, Aug. 31 to Sept. 4, 2020

Aug. 31, 2020

Benton County Courthouse

Stonebrook Homes LLC conveys to Cole and Mackenzie Herb, real estate in Lot 6, Root’s First Addition, Blairstown.

Shirley Shaw conveys to Taylor Davis, real estate in Lot 1, Block 4, Morris Addition, Blairstown.

Gilbert L. Hansen Jr. and Rosean L. Hansen convey to M&D Real Estate LLC, real estate in Lots 8 and 5,, Block 18, Beckett’s Addition, Vinton.

Kevin R. and Shelley M. Patten convey to Karley N. Jaynes and Jonathan R. Krogman, real estate in Lot 6, Pleasant Creek Estates.

Michael F. and Gabrielle Oberreuter convey to Michael and Allie McFarlane, real estate in Lot 18, Laird’s First Addition, Urbana.

Sept. 3, 2020

Stephen P. and Brook A. Skram convey to Michele L. Murphy, real estate in Section 13, Bruce Township.

Sept. 4, 2020

Virginia Gay Trust conveys to Duane R. and Jimmie Sue Mangold, real estate in Block 5, Sells Addition to Riverside, Vinton, Section 16, Taylor Township.

Frank F. Cowell Jr. and Diane L. Cowell convey to Clinton F. and Melissa Hinzman, real estate in Lot 3, Himmelsbach Fifth Addition, Walford.

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