Hello Atkins! Three weeks ago.…DERECHO…a new experience for us Iowans! We are making progress in our cleanup. The sound of chainsaws is being replaced by construction sounds. Our City is rebuilding.

Following is a brief rundown of our City buildings/services and their storm damage status: Atkins Fire / EMS, water and sewer services are operating normally and there should be no interruption of service as repairs are being made. The storm caused damage to City buildings and facilities forcing closure to the general public until further notice. Those buildings include:

  • Atkins Fire Station is a total loss and will be demolished. Future fire station rebuild plans are yet to be determined.
  • Library / City Hall building roof is damaged with some structural damage, broken windows, etc. Temporary repairs have begun.
  • City Water Plant roof requires replacement. Temporary repairs have been completed.
  • Wastewater (sewer) plant roof requires replacement. Temporary repairs have been completed. In addition, some vents and fans have been damaged which will require replacement.
  • Main City Park Pavilion roof requires replacement.

Again, thank you for working together to clear debris and for helping your neighbors!


Information update from the City:

The Information Desk is now in the lobby of City Hall. Please stop by if you have any City questions. City Hall and the Library remain closed.

Turn in Your Volunteer Hours – Thursday, August 20th, the City sent each resident a mailing asking for residents to turn in their volunteer hours. The hours worked for disaster cleanup count as money to help pay the cost of cleanup in Atkins. Part of the City’s payment can be offset by hours spent on cleanup and other recovery efforts. Please complete the form for those hours you have logged. Use multiple sheets if you fill the page and drop completed forms in the Water Payment Drop Box near the ATM in the City Hall/Library parking lot or email: If you volunteer additional hours after you’ve turned the form in, fill out another one and turn it in. If you have questions, contact City Hall at 319-446-7870. Thank you to those who have returned their form! The next newsletter will have a tabulation of hours turned in to date.

Building PermitsIn Atkins, building permits are required for roof tear off and replacement as well as a roof installation over existing shingles. Replacing walls, roof structures and fences also require a building permit. See the City website or the Information Desk for permit applications.

City Meetings will be held where the City can find space. Please see the posted agenda for details as meetings are moving from place to place to accommodate the dual use of those facilities. Thank-you for understanding.

Caution is advised anywhere in the City when outdoors due to storm debris that may be present in cleared and uncleared areas, streets, alleys, parks, yards, parking lots, etc.

BURN BAN CONTINUES – NO OPEN BURNING– PLEASE READ THIS AND SHARE WITH YOUR NEIGHBORS. There is NO open burning allowed within the city. This includes tree debris, trash and construction materials. THE DROUGHT CONTINUES and FIRE SPREADS QUICKLY. Please do not make more work for our Fire Department/First Responders. Recreational fires that are monitored, no more than 3 ft tall, and a minimum of 25 ft from structures and brush piles are allowed. However, please douse your recreational fire with water when you are finished. Do not let the fire continue to smolder.

Parks and Round House Nature Trail– TheMain City Park is now open except for the Park Pavilion and Bandstand which remain closed. All City Playgrounds are open. The Round House Nature Trail is closed until further notice due to danger of falling trees and other hazards. All entrances have been marked as CLOSED. Parents, please share this notice with your children.

Collection of Fallen Trees and Limbs – Tree debris collection continues one day per week or as needed. No specific pickup day has been determined. Tree debris pickup has been completed for one pass over the City. Tree debris collection continues through the end of September. Please be aware of these crews and keep your distance for the safety of all. As of Sunday, August 30th, there have been 960 dump truck loads of tree debris hauled away weighing over 9 million lbs.

Stump Grinding – The City is not accepting stump grindings. Residents are encouraged to use as compost, take to the Benton County Landfill, bag or place in a yard waste container for the normal Wednesday Yard waste pickup. The container or bag must be 45 lbs. or less for pickup.

If you are going to grind or pull a tree stump, contact “Iowa One Call” by dialing 811 or go to to make sure there are no gas, electrical or water lines near the area where you will be working.

Metal and Construction Debris – Metal and construction debris collection continues. Metal is being recycled at the Benton County Landfill. Construction debris is going to the Benton County Landfill as well.

Help Available:

Aid for Storm Victims – Aid information for storm victims will be posted on the City of Atkins website at Information from the Red Cross, Realtors, Benton County Emergency Management etc. is posted. This includes renter assistance information. Call 211 for additional information.

Helping Hands Food Pantry has extended their hours – The pantry, at Pleasant Hill Presbyterian Church, continues to be open the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month from 11-12. Additionally, the pantry will be open this Wednesday, September 2nd, from 3-5, and the 2nd and 4th Wednesday’s of the month from 3-5 going forward. Please contact Pam Duball at 319-981-7755 if you need assistance outside these times.

Need Help with Cleanup – Contact Lana Robison at 319-929-1737.

How You Can Help Volunteers for clean-up: See Lana Robison’s posts on the Atkins Neighbors page for the next volunteer opportunity. Also, look around your neighborhood, the City and other Benton County towns for opportunities to help others. The need still exists for help in some areas.

The next newsletter will be available after LABOR DAY at the Information Desk and posted at

This information is provided for the residents of the City of Atkins by the Mayor’s office.

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