Picnic in Van Horne to thank volunteers Sunday, Sept. 13

By Marty Junge, Van Horne Mayor

To all Van Horne residents and anyone that helped with the city cleanup. I want to personally thank everyone that helped with the cleanup after the storm, in one week’s time the we went from a giant mess to almost looking normal, except for all the blue roofs.

Van Horne Mayor Marty Junge at the ag meeting in Van Horne, with Sen. Chuck Grasssley.

The Business Group would like to show their appreciation for all the help by having a picnic in the park. Sunday September 13th we will sponsor a thank you event in the city park from 3 to 6 p.m. Mags will provide listening music and the Business group will provide hamburgers and hot dogs and chips until gone. Bring your own chair, and I guess your own shade if you have seen the park.

How sad 120 years of trees gone in 45 minutes. One thing I have noticed we are going to be a lot closer with our neighbors as trees and fences have been wiped out and privacy is pretty well gone. So hope you can join us, we will provide water and maybe an adult beverage again until gone, if you want anything else to drink you will need to bring your own.

Again thanks to everyone that helped in any way, and especially our city employees for a job well done. We will have a sign up sheet for you to register your hours worked cleaning up as well as any machinery used. We can use this as a local match for funds the city uses for disaster funding. We can now receive individual help for funding you need to register on line at www.DisasterAssistance.gov. if you are denied because you have insurance please follow the appeal process and they will cover things not covered by insurance. You should apply if home furnishings, food or clothing was damaged. You can also call FEMA at 1-800-621-3362. The next step is to call HACAP at 319-739-0056. If you still need help you can call Benton County Disaster Recovery Coalition at 319-241-5121. If you need help call them funds are available.

Again hope to see you on the 13th. Thanks and have a good week. Your Mayor Marty.

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