Lady Bobcats play at East Marshall tournament

East Marshall

Sept. 12, 2020

Des Moines Christian

Benton lost at the East Marshall Tournament, 2-0, to Des Moines Christian, on Saturday, Sept. 12.

Addison Phillips had 3 assists. The team had 11 kills, led by Grace Embretson with seven. Embretson also had 11 digs.

The team was 27 of 31 in serves with four aces. Emma Townsley was 5 of 6 with one ace. Phillips was 7 of 9 with two aces. Sarah Gorkow was 4 of 4 with one ace. Caitlin Keiper was 4 of 4. Embretson was 4 of 4. Emma Drahos was 3 of 3.


Benton went on to lose to Hudson, 2-0. Embretson had seven assists. The team had 15 kills. Phillips had six. Embretson had six digs. Adding five each were Townsley and Phillips.

The team was 24 of 25 with one ace in serving. Janelle Morris was 1 of 1. Townsley was 4 of 5 with one ace. Hope Moore was 1 of 1. Phillips was 2 of 2. Gorkow was 1 of 1. Keiper and Embretson were 3 of 3. Kiah Coffin was 1 of 1. Drahos was 8 of 8.


Benton closed with a 2-0 win over HLV. Coffin had six assists. The team had 13 kills. Embretson had six kills. Embretson had 10 digs. The team was 34 of 40 in serves with nine aces. Townsley was 2 of 2. Moore was 4 of 4 with one ace. Phillips was 12 of 12 with four aces. Keiper was 2 of 2. Embretson was 5 of 6. Drahos was 1 of 2. Piper Nelson was 6 of 8 with three aces. Macee Nelson was 2 of 4 with one ace.

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