BC volleyball hosts South Tama

Emma Townsley returns the ball in Benton volleyball action from earlier this season.

Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2020 at Van Horne

STC 20-22-23
BC  25-25-25

Benton swept WaMaC rival South Tama, 3-0, in WaMaC volleyball at Van Horne.

Grace Embretson had 18 assists. Kiah Coffin added seven. The team was 33 of 140 in kills with 29 errors. Embretson had 11 kills. Olivia Janss had 14 digs. Embretson added eight. Benton was 63 of 73 in serves with six aces. Janelle Morris was 3 of 4 with one ace. Emma Townsley was 4 of 4. Addison Phillips was 9 of 10. Caitlin Keiper was 16 of 16 with one ace. Embretson was 19 of 21 with two aces. Emma Drahos was 6 of 9 with one ace. Piper Nelson was 6 of 9 with one ace.

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