Belle Plaine Council: September 16, 2020

Belle Plaine, Iowa

Belle Plaine City Hall

September 16, 2020

The Belle Plaine City Council met on September 16, 2020, at 6:00 p.m. with Mayor Dave Fish presiding in the council chambers. Council members who answered roll call were Mitch Malcolm, Mary Pech, Judy Schlesselman, Garrett Landuyt and Mark Tegeler. Also attending were City Administrator Stephen Beck and Assistant City Clerk Sandy Walton. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Motion by Landuyt, seconded by Malcolm to approve the Consent Agenda, the Council Minutes of September 2, 2020 and bills received. On roll call vote, all voted Aye, motion carried.

Resident Comments: none

Morgan Mitchell was present to give the report from Belle Plaine Community Development. She confirmed her resignation and reported that her last day with BPCDC will be September 25. She will help with any interim needs and help with transition once the position is filled. She also reported that a decision on whether to hold the Trunk or Treat event will be made on October 1st.

A written police report was submitted by Chief Hudson. It mentioned that we are advertising for a new police officer position, that he has ordered three additional live traps and that the Chevy Silverado that was damaged in the windstorm has been fully repaired and returned to service. The police department also received a $665 grant from Mercy of Cedar Rapids to support the purchase of seven tourniquets and bleeding control kits.

Motion by Schlesselman, seconded by Tegeler to approve resolution #20-09-01 a resolution approving the Iowa Department of Transportation 2020 Street Finance Report and authorizing the City Clerk to sign the same. On roll call vote, all voted Aye, motion carried.

Motion by Tegeler, seconded by Landuyt to approve allowing the Knights of Columbus to distribute Tootsie Rolls at the corner of 7th Avenue & 13th Street from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm on the weekend of their choosing. On roll call vote, all voted Aye, motion carried. Mayor Fish reported that the Knights will be wearing gloves and masks and that the date is currently planned for September 26th.

Motion by Pech, seconded by Malcolm, for approval of the Homecoming Parade to be held on Friday, September 25, 2020 at 2 p.m. on the normal route as arranged with the police department. On roll call vote, all voted Aye, motion carried.

Motion by Malcolm, seconded by Pech, to approve Resolution #20-09-02; a resolution completely establishing the purchasing policy and procedures manual for the City of Belle Plaine, Iowa. On roll call vote, all voted Aye, motion carried. The policy was reviewed, and a few changes made prior to the vote.

The August City Treasurer’s Report, the August City Budget report, and the August Solar Report were presented to the Council for their information. The City Clerk’s office is to find out the deadline for residents to report their volunteer clean-up hours and then send out a Nixle reminder about two weeks prior to that deadline. Also, Steve Beck is to get with Eagle Point to inquire about the lack of savings especially for the library and city shop.

Discussion was held on how the city council wants the city administrator to proceed on hiring of an enforcement officer to inspect dangerous property under Chapter 145 Dangerous Buildings in the Belle Plaine City Code. Beck gave recommendations to hire Mike Tomash and as a back-up Roy Wier as independent contractors. They will provide comprehensive reports to the city on any abandoned properties we request for them to review. Rate structure for both is similar. Motion by Tegeler, seconded by Malcolm to approve this plan. On roll call vote, all voted Aye, motion carried.

Discussion was held on the allocation of Windstorm 2020 donations. The topic was tabled until the next meeting in which all council members are to bring their ideas of how much to allocate to which organizations.

The Committee of the Whole discussed the possible parking issue at the corner of 16th Street & 8th Avenue. Council members are to look at this location and further discussion will be held at the next meeting. Determination will need to be made if current laws cover the parking problem or if they want to make a change to current no parking areas in the code of ordinances.

The City Administrator reported that a claims adjuster for EMC came on Tuesday, 9/15. After several hours of showing him city damages, he determined that a senior adjuster will need to return. Beck also reported on the Herring Hotel status. Al Dvorak is getting the broken windows boarded up before winter weather arrives. Beck also reported that the RFP will be adjusted slightly and will now require a bid to tear down and provide a future business plan. Beck is also to explore Brownsfield and/or Grayfield grants for the tear down in case that falls back on the city. In addition, Beck reported that there is another abandoned property in the process of being given to the city. He will report on this when completed. Beck is to get started on a property list of abandoned properties and get a status from our attorney on how we put fencing around the abandoned trailers near Longfellow that were all damaged in the storm.

The City Administrator reported that the well status has improved somewhat with wells pumping more slowly but for more hours each day. The additional rain received recently has also been helpful. The water table has risen about three feet. We continue to monitor daily as the wells are still only about 1/3 full.

The Mayor reported that clean-up of trees within the city continues from the recent storm damage. He also stated that Al Dvorak has someone contracted to haul the metal pile out within the next week. He then reported on upcoming meetings with ECICOG, the Benton County Landfill Commission and Benton Development all coming up yet this month.

The planner from ECICOG has been in contact with us regarding the residential composting program. She will be drafting a letter to let all participants know how the program will work. She plans for this to happen within the next several weeks.

The Mayor has lifted the burn ban. He also mentioned that although the well status is improving, he would like residents to be mindful of their water usage and still avoid unnecessary watering.

A question was asked regarding Mosquito Control. Since they did not spray five times as stated in the contract would the billing rate be adjusted. The Mayor responded that they do prorate the bill when less spraying is completed.

Correspondence: The new flag for City Hall was donated by Don Hlas. We also received a thank you from the Moon Family.

Old Business: none

Resident Comments: Jack Schlesselman commented that tree limbs hamper the view to the East on the road coming out of the underpass. Beck reported that we have been trying to work with the railroad to get this rectified. The Mayor asked that we have our guys cut back a few limbs to help with visibility.

Mary Preston was present to give an update on progress at Preston’s Station. They have received a grant from the U.P. for an interpretive panel. They have submitted application for their list on the National Registry and are working on a grant from the National Preservation Fund. They have had a structural analysis completed after the storm which found the buildings in relatively good shape. They need to replace 6 roofs and 3 chimneys as well as mediate some asbestos. They are submitting an HRDP Emergency grant.

Motion by Tegeler to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Landuyt. On roll call vote, all voted Aye. Meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m.

Transcribed by the Assistant City Clerk, Subject to Council approval


$503.93Acterra Group (airport fuel system)
$16,908.66Alliant (all bills)
$2,885.26Altorfer Rents (windstrom generator)
$186.30Austin Wille (mileage to training)
$630.29Belle Plaine Hardware (supplies all depts)
$153.08Carquest (parts)
$175.50Clerkbooks (utility postcards)
$28.00Compliance (restroom sign for comm center)
$69.00David Wildeboer (mileage to training)
$1,050.00Dennis Kitchcart (mowing and storm cleanup)
$3,680.00Dennis Wiese (storm cleanup)
$32.40Des Moines Stamp (notary stamp)
$15,775.00Ehlen Plumbing & Heating (windstorm cleanup)
$360.80Ehlen Plumbing & Heating (water repair)
$200.00Friedman Farm Supply (storm cleanup)
$1,984.40Grieder Oil (diesel)
$4,361.63Grieder Standard (fuel all depts)
$94.00Group Services (insurance premiums)
$190.00H&L Repair (repair dump truck)
$17,844.75Hamilton Construction & Concrete (seeding, curb&gutter, storm)
$18.70Heartland Coop (airport grounds maintenance)
$78.23Heiman Fire Equipment (repair fire equipment)
$43,630.00Hupfeld Stump Removal (storm cleanup)
$260.00Jason Janes (storm cleanup)
$2,567.65KMDE (solar)
$122.50Kollmorgen, Schlue & Zahradnik, PC (legals)
$50,878.22LL Pelling (sealcoat)
$207.58Lance Hinschberger (mileage for storm cleanup)
$102.44Leaf (copy machine lease)
$21,850.00McClenathan Excavating (storm cleanup)
$3,593.26Municipal Supply (water parts)
$208.73Nick Viall (mileage for lab samples)
$108.22NPC (credit card fees)
$15.23Office Express (office supplies)
$10.00Petty Cash (police postage)
$2,988.48Pickering Backhoe Service Inc (repair water leaks)
$143.76Pitney Bowes (postage meter lease)
$273.00Port O Jonny (portable toilets)
$179.63Register Media (legals)
$12,621.66Republic Services (garbage, recycling August & sewer plant Sept)
$47.50Riteway Pest Control (pest control all depts)
$265.20Schimberg (water parts)
$74.06Storey Kenworthy (office supplies)
$138.58Thys Motor (repair airport mower)
$430.00Timm Electric (hook up generator)
$172.53Town & Country Wholesale (water & gatorade for windstorm)
$258.31Traf-O-Teria System (envelopes for police)
$1,850.00Trent Grieder (mowing and tree removal)
$300.00UMB (acceptance fee from refunding bond)
$7,859.45United Rentals (generator rentals for windstorm)
$347.30USA Communications (phone and internet all depts)
$52.27U.S. Cellular (police cell)
$1,595.00VGM Forbin (computer support and computer)
$66.72Visa (Call-em all, Go Daddy, Amazon)
$3,680.00Ziegler Cat (generator for windstorm)

Revenues by Fund
Windstorm 2020$13,751.25
COVID-19 $0.00
Road Use$26,813.79
Special Revenue (exc Road Use & Covid and Windstorm)$20,031.96
Covid and Windstorm)
Capital Projects$162.68
Debt Service (proceeds of debt)$5,497.74
Water Project 2019$0.00
Sewer Capital Project$0.00
Sewer $44,065.54
Storm Water$4,872.00
Yard Waste$2,316.00

Disbursements by Fund
Windstorm 2020$15,017.16
COVID-19 Spending$659.23
Prairie Park$0.00
Partners for Beautification$0.00
Road Use$13,711.21
Donovan Spending$0.00
Economic Development$91.00
Housing & Urban Development$0.00
Employee Benefits$13,310.21
Emergency Fund$0.00
Police Forfeiture$846.00
Medical Bldg$3,674.00
Community Center$503.07
Library Improvement$1,279.23
Capital Projects$0.00
Debt Service $9,319.65
Water Project 2019$0.00
Sewer Project$37.00
Sewer $22,732.45
Yard Waste$65.41


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