By Dave Fish, Belle Plaine Mayor

Dear Citizens of Belle Plaine:

Belle Plaine Mayor Dave Fish

As I start writing this month’s newsletter, we have made a great effort to clean up after the Derecho. Still, for many of us, it won’t be until sometime next year before we fully recover. You still have until October 18 to apply for FEMA Individual Assistance. Residents should apply if their home, furnishings, food, or clothing was damaged. FEMA can cover your deductible or non-insured items. Call 800-621-3362 or on line at You can also call HACAP at 319-739-0056 for help in the process or call Benton County Disaster Recovery Coalition. (319-241-5121) These programs are for everyone and you pay taxes so you have paid to have these recovery programs. If you are still having problems with federal or state paperwork, please come to city hall & we will either help you or find someone to help you or find someone who has answers.
Don’t feel like you are alone we will find someone to help.

As I type this, we have not made a decision on Trick or Treat as a city, and BPCDC has not made a decision on what they want to do with Trunk or Treat. Please let BPCDC know your thoughts & please let your city officials know. (Your council person or the Mayor or the City Administrator) Thus, we can make an informed decision when we finally do make one. As a city, we will work with BPCDC in whatever decision they make, realizing that they are at a crossroads now that Morgan has taken a new job. Current news from the CDC recommends against such events as Trick or Treat & Trunk or Treat!

As a city, the council will attempt to decide what we feel best covers the unusual situation that we find ourselves in. Please let them know what you are thinking.

Thank you, Morgan Mitchell, for doing a great job at BPCDC, you will be missed, and you will be tough to replace. Good luck with your new job.

At this point last year, we were trying to pick a new city administrator. I think Steve has done a great job, and I so valued his advice, help, and leadership during the Derecho of 2020.
Volunteer Hours: We need all volunteer hours that were worked during the clean-up from the storm. Write down the date and the hours, put your name on it and turn it into Sandy at city hall. This also includes clean up on your own property.

We need these to help the community get the maximum FEMA funds that we deserve.The city is required to fund 10% of our claim; we can count the volunteer hours as a part of this claim.
Please get this turned in as soon as possible. We are already working on the FEMA claim!

A very special thank you to all the people of the Belle Plaine area who have made masks for us to distribute from city hall. I don’t have a complete list, or I would be putting your names in this paragraph. still, your hard work & community service have been truly appreciated. We are not sure how long the mask situation will prevail, but you have truly helped out many, many people in our community.


In this day and age, it is better to be safe than sorry! If you notice something in your neighborhood or anywhere else in town that does not look right, please call it in. (319-444-2323) (Obvious emergency 911) As a community, we have decided to have full-time police protection, so do not be afraid to use it. Our officers are on duty to protect and serve the citizens of Belle Plaine. Do not hesitate to call them into action if you see something that should have the police involved. There have been a few strange incidents in town the last couple of months that we were pleased to have the citizens call into the police.

Time is running out for various fall sports. (Can’t say that for the Big Ten! Or the Missouri Valley Conference!) They will be starting the playoffs sometime in October. So, if you have not seen XC, volleyball, or football or the marching band, you better check the schedule to see when their next game is being played.

As always, “Go Plainsmen.”

Remember, it is up to all of us to make Belle Plaine, the best hometown in Iowa!

October- 2020- Mayor Dave Fish

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