BP and BC have Saturday tournaments

Center Point-Urbana tournament

Saturday, Oct. 10, 2020, at Center Point

BC 10-21-11, Solon 21-18-15

Benton Community faced WaMaC rival Solon at the Center Point-Urbana tournament Saturday, Oct. 10, at Center Point, losing to Solon, 2-1.

Benton was 23 of 85 for kills with 12 errors. Grace Embretson had 10 kills. Kiah Coffin had seven assists. The team served 43 times with six errors and two aces. Olivia Janss had the two aces. Janss and Embretson also had give digs each.

Benton topped North Cedar, 2-0. The team was 22 of 60 in kills with six errors. Embretson had 12. Embretson and Coffin had two services aces each. Coffin had eight assists, as did Embretson.

Benton lost to host Center Point-Urbana, 2-1. The team was 22 of 69 in kills with 10 errors. Embretson had 10. Addison Phillips added seven. Coffin had nine assists. Embretson added eight. The team had six service aces. With three each were Embretson and Piper Nelson. Embretson had nine dig.

Hudson Tournament

Saturday, Oct. 10, 2020, at Hudson

Belle Plaine 10-14, Hudson 21-21

Belle Plaine 24-21, AGWSR 22-16

Belle Plaine 21-21, East Buchanan 10-10

Belle Plaine 20-21, Aplington-Parkersburg 25-25

Belle Plaine lost 2-0 to host No. 10 Hudson (23-7) on Saturday, Oct. 10. Mandy Chizek had eight assists. The team was 9 of 43 for kills with six errors. With four kills each were Alyssa Tegeler and Nicholaa Phillippe. Phillippe had 10 digs. The team was 24 of 25 in serves with three aces. Kieran Holmberg was 3 of 3. Alyssa Tegeler was 5 of 6 with one ace. Chizek was 3 of 3. Phillippe was 5 of 5 with one ace. Grace Bean was 5 of 5 with one ace. Jacey Reineke was 3 of 3.

Belle Plaine then swept AGWSR (7-15), 2-0. Chizek had 19 assists. Belle Plaine was 22 of 56 in kills with five errors. Tegeler had 10 kills. Phillippe added eight. Holmberg had nine digs. Tegeler added eight. Tegeler also had three blocks. Belle Plaine was 44 of 44 in serves with seven aced. Holmberg was 10 of 10 with two aces. Tegeler was 5 of 5. Chizek was 10 of 10 with two aces. Phillippe was 3 of 3 with one ace. Bean was 12 of 12 with one ace. Reineke was 4 of 4.

Belle Plaine then swept East Buchanan (3-15), 2-0. Chizek had 16 assists. Belle Plaine was 21 of 47 in kills with three errors. Tegeler had seven kills. Phillippe had six. Holmberg had nine digs. With two blocks each were Tegeler, Phillippe and Jacy Gates. The team was 38 of 41 in serves with seven aces. Holmberg was 2 of 3 with one ace. Tegeler was 8 of 8 with three aces. Chizek was 9 of 9. Phillippe was 3 of 3. Bean was 11 of 12 with two aces. Reineke was 5 of 6 with one ace.

Belle Plaine (20-8) closed with a 2-0 loss to No. 15 Aplington-Parkersburg (14-11). Statistics are coming.

Conference tournaments


BC 12-16, Independence 21-21
BC 11-15, Marion 21-21

Benton Community lost 2-0 to No. 7 Marion (19-9) in the WaMaC tournament, held Monday, Oct. 12, at Independence. The team had seven kills in 52 attempts with seven errors. Embretson had four kills. Coffin had four assists. The team had four service errors and three aces, all by Embretson. With four digs each were Olivia Janss and Caitlin Keiper.

Benton (9-21) also lost to host No. 10 Independence (21-6), 2-0. The team was 15 of 38 in kills with nine errors. Embretson had five kills and Phillips added four. Coffin had six assists, as did Embretson. The team had three aces and three errors in serving. With one ace each were Phillips, Coffin and Pieper Nelson. Embretson had three digs.

Benton plays Thursday, Oct. 15, in Williamsburg, as the WaMaC tourney continues. Also playing are Center Point-Urbana and Vinton-Shellsburg. Action starts at 5 p.m.


BP 25-25-25, North Mahaska 12-9-8

Belle Plaine (21–8) rolled to a win in the second round of the SICL tournament, Monday, Oct. 12, in Belle Plaine, defeating North Mahaska (8-8), 3-0. Chizek had 25 assists. The team was 38 of 61 for kills with six errors. Tegeler had 15 kills. Phillippe added 12. Phillippe also had one block and seven digs. Holmberg also had seven digs. Jacey Reineke added six. The team was 63 of 71 for serves with 22 aces. Abbie Miller was 6 of 6 with two aces. Holmberg was 8 of 10 with five aces. Tegeler was 5 of 6 with two aces. Chizek was 14 of 15 with five aces. Phillippe was 8 of 10 with three aces. Alyssa Steinback was 3 of 4 with two aces. Grace Bean was 17 of 17 with three aces. Reineke was 2 of 3.

Belle Plaine’s next SICL tourney game is Thursday, Oct. 15, at Belle Plaine. Belle Plaine will play Colfax-Mingo (9-9) beginning at 5 p.m., followed by HLV (12-8) vs. Montezuma (10-5). This will be followed by winners of both matches facing each other.

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