Benton Community Storm Damage Update

Storm Damage Summary FY 21

Benton’s press box after the wind storm this summer.

Presented Oct. 21, 2020

Perfection / Interstate Restoration 

District Wide

  • Tree stump grinding to begin week of October 19th
  • Facility Fence Repair to begin week of October 19th
  • Stadium Track has been patched.
  • Scoreboard on order for Stadium and Baseball Facilities.
  • Bleacher Home/Visitor still being assessed by EMC Insurance.
  • Press Box still being assessed by EMC Insurance. 
    • Working with Dr. Ewell, Mr. Embray & Dr. Bieschke on possible FEMA 404 opportunities with press box
    • Section 404 of the Stafford Act to the State of Iowa – mitigation is to assist government entities for the purpose of mitigating further disaster damages.  May involve the construction of a new facility or improvements to a current facility.  May also involve re-building the press box with better supports to sustain high winds.  We are looking into this now.  
  • Turf Field has been released to District and is currently being used for practices.  
  • Stadium is currently closed for spectator events due to bleacher demolition and restoration.
  • All district sites have been cleared for environmental standards.

Atkins Elementary

  • Wood pole lights.  No schedule still being assessed by EMC Insurance. 
  • Demolition of chimney to start week of October 12th
  • Roof repair to finish week of October 19th

Keystone Elementary

  • Roof coating complete.

Norway Elementary 

  • Gym open curricular and extracurricular.
  • Roof Norway Facility has been assessed and roof work will start week of October 26th 
  • Bus Garage being assessed for compromised structure.  TBD start date for repair.
  • Morton Building to have roof coating start week of October 19th
  • Wood pole softball facility still being assessed by EMC
  • Score board ball field still being assessed by EMC
  • Roof covering all structures softball facility to start November 

MS/HS Facility

  • Low slope roof work projected to be complete week of October 19th
  • High slope roof work projected to start week of October 26th
  • Auditorium stage floor replacement is currently acclimatizing to inside temp. with projected start week of October 26th
  • Equipment is currently being returned with some replacement items note, sound, electrical controls, and microphones.
  • Clothing from vocal and band storage has been returned.
  • Sound panels to be replaced week of October 19th
  • Auditorium return to use is TBD with early projection Thanksgiving Holiday. 
  • Interior repairs complete.  i.e. sheetrock, paint, ceiling tile, and flooring.
  • Greenhouse repair still currently being assessed by EMC Insurance.
  • Stadium light pole replacement complete
  • Softball facility light pole to be complete week of October 19th


  • Transportation Facility sidewall replacement west and roof coating to be complete week of October 12th.
  • Current replacement value excess; Press Box Stadium, Baseball Field Backstop, and Greenhouse Roof Covering.
  • Tree replacement plan district wide TBD.
    • may also have FEMA assistance with this
  • Electrical Assessment Stadium TBD.
  • Current projections for restoration repair to total 4.8 million dollars.  (currently reaching to $6 m)
  • Anticipated billing for October 2020 warrants will be 1.6 million dollars from Fund 33 (sales tax).
  • EMC Insurance will issue revenue to the district as projects complete.  The district will be issuing payment for services to Perfection/Interstate who then will pay vendors for services completed.  This process allows checks and balances to work progress and work completion to standard.
  • Applicable warranties will be provided for all projects with applicable material and installation components.
  • Emergency waiver context for restoration and repair
  • Timelines have been met or exceeded with regard to restoration and repair.  This has been a positive in that we have been able to continue with educational program and have had timely vendor response to work approved.  This has placed the district ahead of projected inflation and lack of vendors for spring work.  Material shortages are starting to impact many area projects and timelines.

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