All-WaMaC Volleyball Honors Announced

EAST Division All WaMaC Volleyball Team

Unanimous Selection (1st team only)

1st Team
*Kiersten Schmitt 11 Beckman Catholic
*Olivia Hogan 11 Beckman Catholic
*Sydney Dennis 12 Mount Vernon
*Lauren Schrock 12 Mount Vernon
*Avery Van Hook 10 Marion
*Ella Koloc 11 West Delaware
Camryn Ellyson 12 Mount Vernon
Ava Hauser 12 West Delaware
2nd Team
Kam Klas 11 Beckman
Kylee Rueber 12 Beckman
Jorie Randall 12 Mount Vernon
Natalie Welch 12 Mount Vernon
Trinity Zika 12 Marion
Alivia Schulte 10 West Delaware
Carlee Smith 11 West Delaware
Kennedy Bombei 12 Solon
WaMaC Recognition
Lauren Osterhaus 11 Beckman
Makayla Koelker 12 Beckman
Tenley Cavanagh 11 Maquoketa
Addie Bowman 12 Maquoketa
Elise Mehaffy 11 Marion
Peyton Johnson 10 Marion
Sara Rhomberg 11 Mount Vernon
Rachel Axtell 12 Mount Vernon
Delaney Bombei 10 Solon
Maddie Manifold 11 Solon
Kayla Felton 11 West Delaware
Allie Demmer 10 West Delaware

East Standings:
Beckman Catholic 5-0 28-9
Mount Vernon 4-1 27-6
Marion 3-2 20-11
West Delaware 2-3 26-11
Solon 2-3 17-18
Maquoketa 0-5 13-14
East Divisional Player of the Year: *Kiersten Schmitt 11 Beckman Catholic

WEST Division All WaMaC Volleyball Team

Grace Embretson sets up an assist for Benton. She earned second-team all-WaMaC honors

Unanimous Selection (1st team only)
1st Team
*Reese Martin 12 Independence
*Elle Greiner 11 Independence
*Calia Clubb 11 Clear Creek Amana
Brooke Beatty 12 Independence
Hailey Pollock 12 Clear Creek Amana
Gracie Ehret 12 Williamsburg
Jesse Julius 10 Williamsburg
Brynn Patterson 11 Vinton-Shellsburg
2nd Team
Grace Bohlken 12 Independence
Lexi Hearn 11 Independence
Lauren Riggle 12 Clear Creek Amana
Erin Francis 12 Williamsburg
Grace Embretson 11 Benton
Emma Porter 12 Center Point-Urbana
Sophie Gaffney 11 Center Point-Urbana
Kate Hyland 11 Vinton-Shellsburg
WaMaC Recognition
Caitlyn Kieper 12 Benton Community
Addison Phillips 10 Benton Community
Claire Neighbor 12 Center Point-Urbana
Katie Droste 12 Center Point-Urbana
Morgan Etscheidt 11 Clear Creek-Amana
Meg Berkland 09 Clear Creek-Amana
Hannah Johnson 12 Independence
Shanna Kleve 11 Independence
Gwen Upah 12 South Tama
Gracie Vest 11 South Tama
Kayla Griffith 12 Vinton-Shellsburg
Samantha Walton 11 Vinton-Shellsburg
Savanna Busch 12 Williamsburg
Mia Brecht 11 Williamsbur

West Standings
Independence 6-0 23-7
Clear Creek-Amana 5-1 25-6
Williamsburg 4-2 16-15
Center Point-Urbana 3-3 11-17
Vinton-Shellsburg 2-4 15-22
Benton Community 1-5 9-23
South Tama 0-6 7-18
West Divisional Player of the Year: Reese Martin 12 Independence

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