SOUR GRAPES: Election time

By Jim Magdefrau

With November comes the end of political advertising. No more condemning and condescending voices giving a list of what a candidate “could” do. They are not saying that is what they “will” do. You could drive a truck between the meaning of “could” and “will.” If you “could” drive a truck.

No more phone calls from unknown places and unknown names. I had some calls from Clear Lake last week. Is that a real place?

What I think and how I vote. That’s my business. I’m not going to shove it in people’s faces, except for the old “Perot ‘92” sign I put in my window every election cycle. I still think he has a chance of winning. And I for sure am not going to post what I think or vote. I’m not letting people get inside my head, because they’re not going to find anything.

I gladly voted by mail for the second time, filling out my ballot from the comfort of my home. It’s the only way I could vote and have a small drink. I’m a strong believer in my 21st amendment rights.

I do miss going to the polling place, signing my name, and then asking where I sign up for the free turkey and ham giveaway.

In the old days, we pulled levers in a huge machine with big curtains. You could fit six people in the booth. There was a big click with each vote, and then a large crashing noise when you pulled the big lever to finalize the vote. It was the sound of democracy.

Technology evolved and so has the process. With the changes, one constant is the good people we have making sure our votes are counted. There’s no greater honor for me to be asked to help.

There was no real strategy as I filled out my ballot this year. I started on the back page. I’m pretty sure I was 50/50 on political candidates. It’s a win/win, lose/lose, win/lose, lose/win strategy.

However, I did purchase a fancy glass with candidates’ names on it. If we win, I’ll have a drink. If we lose, I’ll have a drink. Then maybe another. And another. Win/win.

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