BC moves to remote learning

Dear Parents and Guardians,
The COVID-19 situation is unfortunately moving in the wrong direction causing staff shortages and student absences.
We are moving to all online remote learning from Wednesday, November 11th to Wednesday, November 18th.
For the safety and concern of all of our students and staff, this decision is necessary.
What this means is beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, your child will not attend school in person but will begin their school day at home by accessing their classes and learning through SeeSaw for elementary students and Schoology for secondary students.
Our staff will be at school while working with their students online and preparing virtual learning experiences as well as curriculum materials.
Expect to hear from your child’s teachers while having your child access SeeSaw or Schoology.
Please be sure your child brings home their device from school today.
We will review our data and status Mondays of each week and notify parents and staff if an additional week or more is necessary to mitigate the COVID-19 situation.
We ask that parents call the school if, during the time of remote online learning, your student is exposed to COVID-19, becomes ill with COVID-19 symptoms, or tests positive. We appreciate knowing this so we can plan accordingly.
Students who have IEP’s or English Language Learning needs will be contacted by their teachers for scheduling in-person specially designed instruction. Transportation will be provided.
Schools are not allowed to hold activities during remote online learning. We will not hold activities or in-person practices from November 11th to November 18th. Coaches or directors will be in touch if they elect to hold virtual practices.
We will be disinfecting our buildings and school buses during the week of online remote learning. More information is forthcoming.
We appreciate your support and understanding, thank you.
Dr. Pamela Ewell and Benton Community Administration and Directors

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