SOUR GRAPES: A few things

By Jim Magdefrau

There are some encouraging things out there.

One night I was walking uptown to get a grilled cheese sandwich, and I realized I had forgotten my mask. On the way back, I noted how close Jupiter and Saturn were getting. Like 40 miles or something. I marveled at that, and then looked a little further north. Right down Fourth Ave., with a clear view of the western sky, I saw what appeared to be a few stars lined up together.

Hmmm. Then it turned out to be a long line. I pulled out the iPhone, then figured that would never work. So I used it to call a neighbor to step outside and look to the southwest.

I was not going crazy. He saw it too. Then they disappeared, like right over our neighbor Bill’s house. Conspiracy? Were they coming for us? Were they coming for Bill?

Research later revealed these were the Starlink satellites. Facebook posts showed others saw the same thing. It felt better to know there are big chunks of metal floating above us, just to drive us crazy.

Or is this what they want us to think? Hmm.

Just in case, I’m keeping a bag packed if they do come for us. This nerd is not going easy.

* * *

It’s been a real treat to watch Iowa State football this fall, and what impact Coach Matt Campbell has had on this group of athletes. He is intense and in the moment. He coaches his team well, and makes a point to give that same intensity in talks with the student-athletes he coached against after the game.

“Five-star culture vs. five-star players,” sums it up best by star running back Breece Hall of Iowa State.

Or as a local coach stresses to his players, “You might not be gifted. But you can be tough. And toughness is a gift.”

* * *

Another “I knew them when” moment. Jen Psaki will be the new press secretary at the White House. She will control the small room. It takes me back many years to when Jen, as a campaign worker, made a point to make sure I showed up to a campaign stop in a school shop room in Vinton, to make sure a small newspaper editor was heard and noticed. She stayed in touch in her next campaign as well. Now she’s made it to the crucial communication post in the country. And she’s still looking out for us.

Best of luck to Jen. We’ll be looking out for her.

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