Belle Plaine City Council, Dec. 16, 2020

Belle Plaine, Iowa

December 16, 2020

The Belle Plaine City Council met on December 16, 2020 at 6:03 p.m. in the council chambers with Mayor Dave Fish presiding. Present: Mary Pech and Judy Schlesselman. Mitch Malcolm, Mark Tegeler and Garrett Landuyt all were present by Zoom. Also present: City Administrator Stephen Beck and City Clerk Jacki McDermott, and City Attorney Jennifer Zahradnik and Assistant City Attorney Gage Kensler by Zoom.

Belle Plaine City Hall

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Motion by Pech to approve the consent agenda consisting of the council minutes of December 2, 2020, and bills received, seconded by Schlesselman. On roll call, all voted aye. Motion carried.

Residents Comments: None.

Retiring Police Officer Jeff Harnish was presented a plaque of appreciation by Mayor Fish. Chief Hudson was present to say that he will have a police officer hiring for the council to approve on January 6, 2021 and that he will be testing two more applicants this weekend. Jesse East will also be returning as a reserve officer. The Tahoe is back in service, with the cam shaft replaced. He also had a meeting with the City Administrator, Mayor and County Sheriff about covering shifts during these transition times at a cost of $26.50 per hour.

Four nuisance properties were discussed. Letters were sent out to all of them. Two properties have major improvement and one property is more organized. The other property still has some debris and a travel trailer. All property owners were warned that if the nuisances were not cleared by March 1, 2021, the council would proceed with legal action. Nuisance complaints are being handled a little differently because the Covid situation has completely slowed down the legal processing of complaints.

Herring Hotel

Bob and Joyce Ausberger from Jefferson, Iowa, called in on Zoom to talk about the future of the Herring Hotel. They were told that the City will be filing a demolition grant with the State of Iowa that is due on February 1. Mr. Ausberger asked to clean out the junk that appeared in the building before the city took possession and the answer was no. Mr. Ausberger said that they do not understand when the time is up for their group to be able to present a plan. The Council agreed that they will be given until the January 20 meeting of the City Council. Mr. Ausberger asked what would happen if the Lincoln Highway became a National Byway. The Council said that would have no effect unless there is funding (money in the bank); otherwise, there is no interest in Belle Plaine in restoring the Herring Hotel.

Motion by Malcolm, seconded by Landuyt to approve Resolution 20-12-01 a salary adjustment for a non-bargaining employee Kris Hudson whose salary was raised by $2,000 per year. On roll call vote, all voted aye, motion carried.

Motion by Pech, seconded by Schlesselman to approve a Business Incentive Grant of $4,223.22 to the King Theatre for a new curtain. On roll call vote, all voted aye, motion carried.

Motion by Schlesselman, seconded by Pech to approve a Business Incentive Grant of $877.88 to the Ice House for a new sign and qualifying supplies. On roll call vote, all voted aye, motion carried.

Motion by Pech, seconded by Schlesselman to approve a Business Incentive Grant of $4,500 to Hrabak Neuhaus Funeral home for new carpet. On roll call vote, all voted aye, motion carried.

Motion by Pech, seconded by Landuyt to approve a Business Incentive Grant of $4,500 to Belle Plaine Dental for a dental and x-ray chair. On roll call vote, all voted aye, motion carried.

Motion by Pech, seconded by Schlesselman to approve a Business Incentive Grant of $2547.74 to Annette’s Styling Hutch for flooring. On roll call vote, all voted aye, motion carried.

Schlesselman brought up points about the Business Incentive Grants that need to be discussed with the Belle Plaine Community Development Corporation for future grants. There will be a council meeting with the representatives with BPCDC at the meeting at the Community Center on January 6, 2021.

The City Treasurer’s Report for November and the City Budget Report through November and the Solar Report were given to council by the Clerk. The Council asked the City Administrator to have the solar company come to the council meeting in February to explain the solar expense.

City Administrator, Stephen Beck, notified the council that he is still working with the City Attorney’s office and Dorsey Whitney on a development agreement for Hilltop Apartments. He has been meeting weekly with Sandy Walton (Project Manager) and EMC insurance representatives concerning damages to city property. EMC has agreed to reimburse the City when City workers repair property damaged during the derecho.

City Clerk, Jacki McDermott, reported that two grants have been submitted to Iowa Homeland Security for a generator for the fire department and a generator for the city hall. We will be gathering quotes for a generator for the wellfield and submitting that also. The City Administrator added that the generators will use natural gas, have transfer switches and be set on solid concrete pads. The generator at the wellfield could be diesel with the tank set inside of another tank for safety.

Mayor Dave Fish reported that Ashly Parizek has been hired as Assistant City Clerk. He also reported to the council about how the downtown snow program works. Most of the mayor’s recent meetings have been by Zoom including the Benton County Landfill Board, Benton County Emergency Management and the East Central Iowa Council of Governments (ECICOG).

The Mayor also reported that Republic Services has been picking up garbage at several downtown businesses on the same day they pick up residential garbage. Republic has agreed to give the City credit for a ton of garbage per month that they pick up on the same day as residential garbage.

Resident Comments: None.

Old Business: None.


Motion by Tegeler to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Malcolm. On roll call, all voted aye. Meeting adjourned at 7:41 p.m.

Dave Fish, Mayor

Attest: Jacki McDermott, City Clerk

Claims Approved by the City Council on December 16, 2020
$12,335.80Alliant (all depts)
$325.00B & B Vent Cleaning (clean exhaust system @ Comm Ctr)
$5,000.00Belle Plaine Ambulance (annual contribution)
$17,750.00Belle Plaine Community Development (annual contribution)
$563.84Belle Plaine Hardware (supplies-all depts)
$2,000.00BP 4th of July Committee (annual fireworks)
$5.01Carquest (re-issue of lost check)
$5,982.95East Side Body Shop (repair police truck storm damage)
$876.34Fire Service Training Bureau (fire fighting training books)
$28.50Fresh Scents of Iowa (deodorizers)
$1,200.00GFP Tree Service (wind storm tree removal)
$2,380.40Grieder Standard (fuel all depts)
$75.20Group Services (insurance premiums)
$1,736.66Hobart Service (Warewasher maintenance & Comm Ctr)
$600.00Iowa Law Enforcement Academy (MMPI testing)
$125.00Iowa Police Chiefs Assn (membership renewal)
$707.83John C Wagner Law Offices (legal fees)
$400.00Joshua Karsten (firearms training)
$990.80Keystone Laboratories (water/sewer lab fees)
$486.63Koch Office Grop (contractual services-office copier)
$74.00Kollmorgen, Schlue & Zahradnik (legal services)
$90.50LEAF (copier lease)
$113.98Manatts (sand)
$11,500.00McClenathan Excavating (storm cleanup)
$70.15Nick Viall (mileage)
$100.48NPC (credit card fees)
$141.99Office Express (office supplies)
$143.76Pitney Bowes (postage machine lease)
$6,289.78Prairie Valley Technologies (phone system)
$626.16Register Media (legals & employment ad)
$12,621.66Republic Services (garbage, recycling)
$177.50Rite Way Pest Control (pest control)
$545.00Roth Appliance (airport stove)
$895.75Scharnweber (electrical work, pump repairs)
$1,715.95Sensus (annual support renewal)
$4,160.00T&W Grinding (composting contract)
$177.00Tactical Creations (practice & duty ammo)
$375.00Tomash Professional Home Inspection (house inspection)
$56.20Town & Country Wholesale (toilet paper)
$250.00UMB Bank (bond fees)
$6.95USA Communications (phone and internet all depts)
$57.41U.S. Cellular (police cell)
$337.50Van Horne Fire Dept (fire fighting training books)
$501.41VISA (call-em-all, checks/forms, emergency siren parts)
$2,489.30Wendling Quarries (rock)
$225.00Wiese Tree Service (cut & trim storm damaged trees)
$40.00Wittrock T-Shirts (plaque)
$879.53Zip Mart (police fuel)
Revenues by Fund
Windstorm 2020$643.00
COVID-19 $0.00
Road Use$31,555.72
Special Revenue (Road Use, Covid, Windstorm)$79,418.14
Capital Projects$69.72
Debt Service (proceeds of debt)$21,819.82
Water Project 2019$0.00
Sewer Capital Project$0.00
Sewer $43,155.78
Storm Water$4,888.00
Yard Waste$2,306.00

Disbursements by Fund
Windstorm 2020$26,222.73
COVID-19 Spending$933.09
Prairie Park$0.00
Partners for Beautification$0.00
Road Use$31,107.70
Donovan Spending$0.00
Economic Development$0.00
Housing & Urban Development$0.00
Employee Benefits$10,434.88
Emergency Fund$0.00
Police Forfeiture$175.00
Medical Bldg$233.30
Community Center$631.95
Library Improvement$498.68
Capital Projects$151.00
Debt Service $14,921.38
Water Project 2019$0.00
Sewer Project$0.00
Sewer $16,871.50
Yard Waste$64.94


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