A new year

By Jim Magdefrau

Yes, 2020 made me want to go back to the lunar calendar.

Looking ahead, there are a few things I might do differently.

I am certain that with persistence, goals and dedication, that I will put total effort into a physical regimen and will lose one pound.

When people offer me something, I’ll say “No thank you” fewer times, transition to “why not?” and eventually get to the full circle breakthrough of saying. “Yes. Thank you.” And I’ll make sure to offer something in return.

I’ll learn a few chords on the guitar. Teach a few chords.

When the “all clear” signal is given, we will pull out the stopper and have a whopper. Until then, it will be masks, elbow greetings, and staying in the house.

I’ll accept that it’s nice to have long-life LED bulbs in the house, but the longer they last, the more I forget how to change them. The last one took three weeks and expert advice for a kitchen light. I guess there are these things called screws.

My social season is typically the press convention, Big 12 tournament and 4-mile run/walk, Wabash Warm Up bike ride, Party in the Park in Van Horne, Watermelon Days and then the High Trestle ride. I’m hoping some of these come back. Fall brings Roots ‘N Blues in Missouri and the front porch jam. None of these happened last year. I miss people. I have a lot in common with people.

Somedays, trying to get out of the recliner is a true test of my core muscles. So it’s either get in shape, or learn to just stay in the recliner.

As retirement continues, you’ll continue to see a few pix, stories and columns. You never leave the business.

And let’s be kind.

Happy 2021.

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