Keystone Nursing Care has deficiency-free inspection

Keystone Nursing Care Center located in Keystone Iowa just received a DEFICIENCY FREE inspection from the Department of Inspections and Appeals.

Deficiency free means the state inspectors found no errors in all areas of the building including nursing, dietary, housekeeping/laundry, maintenance, activities, bookkeeping, social work, administration, etcetera. The staff are to be commended for the awesome job they have done all year.

This has been a very difficult year, and KNCC came out on top. Staff stood strong in the facility mission of “Caring for the Lives of Our Seniors.”

Tracy Hanson, administrator, said, “The core of what KNCC does remained intact despite challenges. That is excellent patient care! Staff should be proud of what they have done. Keystone has been and remains a 5-star facility per the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid reports. Keystone offers Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, Independents Living Apartments, Outpatient Therapy, Meals on Wheels, and Home Health Services.”

If you or your loved one are interested in services, please contact us at 319-442-3234.

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