IOWA HOUSE. Update from Thomas Gerhold

Thomas Gerhold, Iowa House, 75th district

Hello District 75 from the State Capitol!

Monday, January 11th marked the first day of the 89th General Assembly in the Iowa State Legislature with 18 very promising new representatives and eight new senators.

On this last Tuesday, Governor gave her Condition of the State address, Wednesday we were given the Condition of the Judiciary address by Chief Justice Christensen, and Thursday we were given the Condition of the National Guard by General Corell.

We plan to propose legislation that will help the state-wide shortage of childcare, which was made even worse by the COVID-19 pandemic. We also plan to propose legislation that will give parents more choices for their children’s schooling.

There are some schools in the state where students don’t have the option of in-person learning, which can be a big conflict for the parents and their jobs. Parents should be able to decide whether their children are able to have in-person or virtual classes. A recent CDC study shows in-person classes don’t lead to increases in COVID-19 compared to on-line only classes.

Other priorities include expanding broadband to rural areas and continue to be responsible with the state budget by being prudent with YOUR money. Our goal is always to have Iowans keep more of your money, which I’ll continue to work on.

There are too many objectives to name here, but we plan to make this great state of Iowa even better. The Derecho and the COVID-19 pandemic had a major effect on the state, but the legislature will try to help in the recoveries from these.

Hope you all keep warm, safe, and healthy!

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