COLLEGE: ISU Fall Dean’s list

AMES, Iowa (January 20, 2021) – More than 11,000 Iowa State University students have been recognized for outstanding academic achievement by being named to the fall semester 2020 Dean’s List. Students named to the Dean’s List must have earned a grade point average of at least 3.50 on a 4.00 scale while carrying a minimum of 12 credit hours of graded course work.

Students listed below are from your area. (Benton, Iowa and Tama Counties)


Amana, IA 

 Pierre Rene Buffard, 4, Agricultural Systems Technology
 Brock Warren Harman, 2, Pre-Business
 Josephine Marie Lawrence, 4, Veterinary Medicine
 Amelia R. Pereira, 2, Supply Chain Management
 Anna K. Schwarting, 2, Nutritional Science (H SCI)

Atkins, IA 

 Will Epping, 2, Philosophy
 Carl Henry Gerhold, 4, Psychology
 Laura Kate Maschino, 4, Interior Design
 Briona Marie Slaton, 4, Apparel, Merchandising, and Design
 Audrey Elizabeth Wheeler, 2, Finance

Belle Plaine, IA 

 Tori Elizabeth Hlas, 2, Agricultural Studies
 Makenzie Jane Mantz, 2, Elementary Education

Blairstown, IA 

 Christian Carter Atkinson, 4, Animal Science
 Stuart Alan Tiedemann, 3, Agricultural Studies
 Dawn Lee Toney, 4, Advertising
 Samantha Lynn Werning, 4, Sociology

Buckingham, IA 

 Molly Niebergall, 2, Design Undeclared
 Zane Gavin Seuser, 4, Software Engineering
 Zeke G. Seuser, 3, Advertising

Chelsea, IA 

 Laura Ann Toennies, 2, Kinesiology and Health

Clutier, IA 

 Sally Florinda Howard, 1, Veterinary Medicine
 Karly Jaelan Jans, 3, Biology (AGLS)

Dysart, IA 

 Grace Catherine Asmussen, 1, Apparel, Merchandising, and Design
 Megan E. Carty, 3, Biology
 Kody Lee Crawford, 3, Materials Engineering
 Noah Mathew Lee Damro, 1, Design Undeclared
 Taylor Renae Short, 3, Environmental Science (LAS)
 Anna Smith, 3, Biology
 Carter Joseph Spore, 3, Mechanical Engineering
 Hallie Rebecca Spore, 4, Elementary Education

Elberon, IA 

 Molly Marie O’Brien, 4, Veterinary Medicine

Garrison, IA 

 Anna Curtis, 4, Public Relations

Garwin, IA 

 Sarah Rebecca Mattingly, 3, Food Science (H SCI)

Homestead, IA 

 Derek Thomas Toy, 4, Mechanical Engineering
 Trevor Ray Toy, 4, Architecture-Professional Degree

Keystone, IA 

 Cole James Benton, 4, Architecture-Professional Degree
 Carly Anne Selken, 4, Agricultural and Life Sciences Education

Luzerne, IA 

 Kaitlyn Marie Sievers, 2, Open Option (LAS)

Marengo, IA 

 Kyra M. Alexander, 4, English
 Tyler Joseph Buresh, 3, Agronomy
 Elisabeth Jayne Hocamp, 4, Architecture-Professional Degree
 Adrianna Marie Jordan, 4, Animal Science
 Joseph Lee Zuber, 3, Computer Engineering
 Leah Kathleen Zuber, 2, Pre-Graphic Design

Montour, IA 

 Melanie Ida Belin, 4, Elementary Education
 Jason Scott Brittain, 4, Computer Science
 Hunter Dru Davenport, 3, Kinesiology and Health
 Marissa Ann Frese, 3, Criminal Justice

Newhall, IA 

 Alyssa Marie Garin, 4, Accounting
 Derek Robert Hollister, 4, Mathematics
 Preston Rosacker, 1, Pre-Business

Norway, IA 

 Hannah Marie Brecht, 4, Dietetics (H SCI)
 Benjamin Jacob Marcus, 3, Mechanical Engineering
 Nicole Meskimen, 4, Criminal Justice

Parnell, IA 

 Ysabelle Jamison Kanagy, 4, Elementary Education
 Jesse Carl Slater, 1, Computer Science
 Caitlynn Joanna Slaymaker, 3, Event Management

Shellsburg, IA 

 Charles Danial Dudley, 2, Materials Engineering
 Jonathan Joseph Jacobi, 4, Business Economics
 Hunter Jordan Miller, 1, Environmental Engineering
 Brock Michael Ortner, 3, Animal Science

South Amana, IA 

 Claudia Marie Adamson, 3, Animal Ecology

Tama, IA 

 Evan Patrick Haugh, 4, Civil Engineering
 Jennifer Nunez, 4, Women’s and Gender Studies
 Perla Nunez, 1, Pre-Business
 Abbie M. Parizek, 4, Dietetics (H SCI)
 Saylor Olivia Upah, 4, Public Relations

Toledo, IA 

 Taylor Marie Lekin, 3, Agriculture and Society
 Kordell Murray Schrock, 4, Computer Science

Traer, IA 

 Caleb B. Deboef, 2, Electrical Engineering
 Jake Dakota Hlas, 4, Agriculture and Society
 Lane Daniel Marlow, 4, Agricultural Systems Technology
 Brett Milo Podhajsky, 4, Agricultural Studies
 Lydia Christine Schafer, 4, Apparel, Merchandising, and Design

Urbana, IA 

 Sophie Elisabeth Byroade, 2, Open Option (LAS)

Van Horne, IA 

 Grant W. Franzenburg, 4, Food Science (AGLS)
 Taylor Rose Gage, 4, Elementary Education
 Samuel Allen Hartman, 4, Aerospace Engineering
 Taylor M. Hase-McManemy, 4, Advertising
 Colin Mccormick Hurley, 4, Finance
 Elizabeth Belle Masten, 4, Psychology
 Ellie Belle Masten, 4, Psychology
 Jacob R. Thomas, 4, Industrial Design

Victor, IA 

 Daniel Andrews, 3, Software Engineering
 Lydia Marie Rethwisch, 3, Actuarial Science
 Mitchell John Thys, 4, Industrial Technology

Vinton, IA 

 Natalie Celeste Boyer, 3, Biology
 Erin Nicole Cantrell, 4, Agricultural and Life Sciences Education
 Hunter Reece Hazen, 1, Mechanical Engineering
 Emily G. Howes-Vonstein, 4, Elementary Education
 Jacob Patrick Kelty, 1, Genetics (LAS)
 Sydney Kay Kelty, 4, Elementary Education
 Caroline Elizabeth Lang, 2, Biological Systems Engineering
 Ashtynn Elizibeth Lohrer, 1, Apparel, Merchandising, and Design
 Madeline Marie Moen, 4, Animal Science
 Cole Mitchell Smith, 4, Chemical Engineering
 Cole Robert Tharp, 3, Biochemistry
 Carter Francis Weeks, 3, Finance

Walford, IA 

 Logan M. Crittenden, 4, Marketing
 Marianna Kathryn Dawley, 1, Agricultural Business
 Ayden L. Williams, 2, Civil Engineering

Watkins, IA 

 Madelyn Kate Schadle, 3, Apparel, Merchandising, and Design

Williamsburg, IA 

 Gage D. Blythe, 3, Agricultural Business
 Victoria Leigh Broadbent, 4, Horticulture
 Katherina E. Cromwell, 4, Mechanical Engineering
 Kaitlyn R. Culp, 3, Marketing
 Grace Eichhorn, 4, Global Resource Systems
 Jenna Marie Lindhart, 4, Family and Consumer Science Education and Studies
 Nicholas Brian Marovets, 1, Kinesiology and Health
 Jacob Michael Mohr, 2, Mechanical Engineering
 Kaitlin Joy Wille, 3, Public Relations

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