Newhall Council January meetings

TUESDAY, JANUARY 26, 2021 AT 6:00 PM
Call to Order Regular Meeting
Roll Call – Rinderknecht, Gessner, Campbell, Gardemann, and Boddicker
Approval of Agenda
Public Forum
Department Reports
a. Public Works
b. Mayor
c. Council
d. City Clerk
e. Fire/First Responders
f. Parks
g. Library
Approval of the following consent agenda items: Note: All items listed under the consent agenda will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a request is made prior to the time Council votes on the motion.
a. Minutes From: January 11, 2021
b. Minutes From: January 19, 2021
c. Bills List Totaling: $23,432.55
Council Action
a. Ltd Broadband – would like to put internet tower on our water tower
b. 2021 BDG Representative
c. Rinderknecht and Pella Bids
d. Set Public Hearing for February 22, 2021 to approve the Proposed Tax Levy
e. Set Public Hearing for March 8, 2021 to approve the FY22 Budget
f. Purchasing the following for the main park pavilion:
i. 2 Round (60”) Tables – $280.00 each
ii. 12 White Folding Chairs – $240.00 for all
g. New Christmas Lights range from $600 – $1200 a piece depending on the design.
*Pursuant to 21.4(2) of the Code of Iowa (2001), the City has the right to amend this agenda up until 24 hours before the posted meeting time.


City of Newhall

City Council Regular Meeting

Monday, January 11, 2021 – 6:00 PM

Mayor Mattson called the regular meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Council members present: Gessner, Boddicker, Campbell, Rinderknecht, Gardemann

Approval of the Agenda: Motion by Rinderknecht, 2nd by Gardemann, all present aye, motion carried

Department Reports:

Mayor: Kenway televised alley behind Main Street, bones, meat, and grease were found; grease pit will need to be discussed with Suttons, and responsibility for purchase and upkeep of pit, no issue will occur on west Railroad since trees are gone. After Kenway bill is received, more discussions will occur.

Council: Gardemann shared that Bill Danker inquired about the culvert on the east side of the Legion Hall, more discussions will occur.

Library: Open with Covid hours: Monday 2-7, Tuesday 1-6, Wednesday 9-12 and 1-6, Thursday 1-6, Friday 9-12 and 1-6, and Saturday 9-11.

Consent Agenda and Bill Consent: Motion by Campbell, 2nd by Gardemann to approve the minutes from January 11, 2020 and bills totaling $25,010.20, all present aye, motion carried.

Alliant EnergyCity – Electric and gas$6,240.78
EZ Trash SolutionsCity – Garbage and Recycling$4,750.98
HupfeldStorm – Trim Trees$3,000.00
Hydrants UnlimitedWater/Sewer – Operator and Supplies$1,120.00
Keystone LabsWater/Sewer – Water and Wastewater Analysis$400.50
Linn Co-opFire – Fuel$78.56
Morris, ShannonWater/Sewer – Meter Deposit Refund$37.26
Municipal SupplyWater – gasket$245.66
New Century FSStreets – Fuel$45.45
Northway CorporationSewer – North Booster, labor, pump$2,860.95
Sebastian, RitaPavilion – Supplies$10.43
South SlopeCity – Internet, Cable, Phone$541.48
StaplesCity – Planner/Calendar$55.98
StaplesCity – Toner$542.94
Utility Service Co. Inc.Water – Ground Storage/Pedisphere$4,327.71
VisaLibrary – Tswails,OTC, Microsoft$320.20
VisaCity/First Responders/Shop – Masks, adobe, router$306.32
Whalen, AdamWater/Sewer – Meter Deposit Refund$125.00

Council Action:

  1. Quote for Generator was tabled
  2. Mail Box on Main Street (Chiropractor) – mail box has been taken down
  3. Ollinger Quote – Motion by Boddicker, 2nd by Rinderknecht to approve quote for $2,975.00, all present aye, motion carried.
  4. Motion by Gessner, 2nd by Campbell to set Public Hearing for February 8, 2021 to Approve FY20 Financial Report, all present aye, motion carried.
  5. Motion by Rinderknecht, 2nd by Gessner to approve the 2021 Recreational Board, all present aye, motion carried.
    1. President: Skyler Childers
    2. Vice President: Michael Munson
    3. Secretary: Tim Touro
    4. Treasurer: Mart Campbell
    5. Council Rep: Doug Boddicker
  6. Motion by Boddicker to approve Rinderknecht quote for Water Treatment Plant ($4,300.00), and all other quotes tabled, 2nd by Gardemann, Boddicker, Gardemann, Gessner, Campbell all aye, Rinderknecht abstained, motion carried.

Adjournment: At 6:40 p.m. Rinderknecht moved to adjourn, Gessner seconded, all present aye, motion carried.

Jan Mattson – Mayor

Keri Touro – City Clerk


City of Newhall

Special City Council Regular Meeting

Tuesday, January 19, 2021 – 4:00 PM

Mayor Mattson called the regular meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.

Council members present: Gessner, Boddicker, Campbell, Rinderknecht, Gardemann

Council Action:

  1. Council discussed and made recommendations for FY22 City Budget

Adjournment: At 5:14 p.m. Boddicker moved to adjourn, Gardemann seconded, all present aye, motion carried.

Jan Mattson – Mayor

Keri Touro – City Clerk

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