SENATE: Fourth week is done

My colleague, Senator Green and I took a selfie before our subcommittee meeting started.

This was the fourth week of the legislative session. It was another week filled with lots of meetings. I had four subcommittee meetings this week as well as committee meetings for Transportation and Local Government. Wednesday afternoon was spent floor debating a number of bills. One of the bills we discussed was Senate File 231, allowing a person holding a special minor’s driver’s license who resides on a farm or is working on a farm in Iowa to operate a motor vehicle between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m. to help with farm work. 
We all know Iowa is a rural state, and many teenagers either live on farms or work for farmers – many of you probably grew up helping out on a farm too. Currently, these teenagers can drive a tractor between farms but cannot drive a pickup between farms. This bill makes a common-sense update to this law. These operations are vital to our state’s economy, and this legislation is just one way we can help rural Iowa and make life a little bit easier for hard-working farmers and their families. As a farmer, this can benefit my family as well as many families in my district. I was with this bill from the beginning of the process, as a member of the subcommittee, committee, and then ultimately voted yes in floor debate. This was a bill I have been working on for years with the Farm Bureau. I very excited to see it pass the Senate this week!
This was a little bit slower of a week than last week, which I appreciated very much. I was supposed to have FFA visitors from my district, but the FFA Legislative Symposium was cancelled due to weather. I am looking forward to visiting with them in a couple of weeks when they finally make it to the Capitol. I spent my spare time this week doing research on my subcommittee and committee bills as well as finally organizing my desk in the chamber. I am definitely getting into the swing of things here and am adapting to the ways of the Senate. Every week, there is something new to learn and I cannot wait to see what next week has in store down in Des Moines!
Outside of the Capitol
On the weekends, I am trying to visit places within my district to see what amazing things are happening locally and to visit with my constituents. This past weekend, I went to Iowa Valley Community College in Grinnell and received a tour of the campus. It was awesome to see the campus and gain a little insight as to what curriculum is being taught. I am excited to continue making tours around my district to see what great things the counties of Iowa, Benton, and Poweshiek have to offer!

Getting a tour of Iowa Valley Community College in Grinnell.

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