Supervisors approve move of meeting place to make room for other offices

Benton County Supervisors met at the service center.

By Jim Magdefrau

VINTON – Office space is adjusting for Benton County, with action taken at the Benton County Board of Supervisors’ meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2021, at the service center in Vinton.

The action would make the service center the regular meeting place for the supervisors, rather than the courthouse.

Board chairman Tracy Seeman outlined a tentative agreement on office space in the courthouse. They propose moving the juvenile probation office from the basement to the supervisors’ room. Seeman stressed he did not want the counter removed in the office, pointing out it was handmade for the supervisors. The supervisors would then continue to meet at the county’s new service center. The land use administrator and sanitarian would then take over the current GIS room in the basement. The juvenile detention room in the basement would become the training room. “And if it doesn’t work, it’s back to square one,” Supervisor Richard Primmer observed.

The board formally approved the moving of offices. Officials also discussed the cameras used for meetings.

Land use

A land use hearing was held for Benjamin Raabe, for land in Parcel A, Section 33, Leroy Township. This is for a new home with out buildings. The land is not in production, according to Land Use Administrator Marc Greenlee.

The board approved a farm exemption for Trent Kramer for land in Parcel C, Section 16, Benton Township.

Other business

The board approved a professional service agreement with Schneider Geospatial. This is for the Global Information System (GIS) work. The contract starts March 1.

Benton County’s sexual assault response team (SART) discussed a multi-county project. Benton County now works with Riverview Center. Officials would like the county to join with three other counties to form a new team. The four counties would pay $13,000 each for a coordinator. Officials recommended the four-county project start immediately. The board will look at this at a later meeting to see if the county has the money to pay for it this year. They indicated they are in favor of this approach, though no action was taken.

The board approved a Class C Liquor License for Tara Hills Country Club.

The board approved the ECICOG lease for the transportation building.

They approved advertising for rental of the county’s farm land at Cedar Valley Ranch. The board agreed to make it a three-year lease.

Barb Greenlee was approved as the point of contact for the Covid-19 vaccination for the county’s employees.

The board took action on watershed projects.

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